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  1. I agree with you.It would be more convenient to convert images to PDF files using a third party image converter.But do you know any cheap image converter which suoports to work in iphone?Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. HI there I know it is more convenient to conver Pdf files using a fine PDF converting tool.But i have not found a pdf converter which supports to convert PDF to cbr. Do you have any free trial?Thanks a lot
  3. HI there Thanks for your nice sharing.That exactly what i want to get.I want to know that if there is a free trial for new users?Thanks a lot
  4. HI there I have encountered the same question with you.I want to read pdf files on my phone.And i have to convert them to epub.But my pdf converter can not convert the pdf files to can only convert the pdf to other normal image formats.So is it possbilbe to read the pdf files by create a pdf viewer on my phone? Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.
  5. HI there I know there are many third party program which supports to handle pdf files.But i want to know that if there is any pdf processing program which supports to work offline? My previous pdf program can only handle the pdf files online.It would be perfect if it is cheap.Thanks for any suggestion.