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  1. Watching this if anyone was interested .

  2. RT @YourMomBot: @xXxRosexXxEE Your mom updated the graphics on the blog menu page to make it more interesting!

  3. For fuck sake how do you make javascript run constantly..

  4. Brilliant :D now just gotta redirect to the correct html page !

  5. Right finishing this blog part of my website off right now :D yes I'm serious this time just gotta abit pissed off yesterday tweaking values

  6. #career you may learn a lot but ultimately you can increase the chance of creating more wait time on your life

  7. RT @jordanlynn242: Fucking drug dealers man. Don't date them.

  8. Fuck using libre office as a tool for design notes god dam... going to get a different tool lost all my fucking new additions after a lockup

  9. Going to see if I can show off a game or two using gif animations :D

  10. I really want a new look for the home page but I guess I'll just keep it the way it is :/

  11. I'm too easily confused :/

  12. I liked a @YouTube video 23 Minute Ultimate Fail Compilation NEW March 2013 (HD)

  13. Not talking much because it's cold and I'm working on this desktop refining

  14. #Scientist #matter #nothing this has nothing to do with the lieing bullocks of religion

  15. For fuck sake can't find a dam flat world map public domain yet

  16. RT @gspot1177: “@xXxRosexXxEE: @gspot1177 @HashGanja THE PORN QUEEN WILL BE BACK TO WACK YA SHIT OUT!”Damn right!!!

  17. But first I must think so going to play piano for abit of touch

  18. sooo gotta chapter 1 page 2 today of my book , gotta add some color and abit of a description for the diagram

  19. as expected still hate gvim ..

  20. * There are some people you meet that blow your mind but there are people who are complete new creations * #people #mindblow #amazing