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  1. https://archive.org/details/FantazineNo.5 Here it is. Forgive the identifier - a silly and foolish mistake that I find myself unable to change.
  2. Thank you. I shall do that tomorrow.
  3. Hi. It's me - you know, I declare my return every six months and disappear after a week - it's embarrassing but I get so busy that it's all I really do... Anyways. I have on a USB drive of mine a decent number of fanzine .pdfs I've accumulated over the years. Here's the full list: Concept Nr. 5 Fantazine Nr. 1-5, 8 Paradox Nr. 1-3, 9, 11/12 (double issue), 13-19 Project Ignition Nr. 1 The Gameroom Blitz 1, 2/3 (double issue), 4-7 In total, that's roughly thirty .pdfs if I have my count correct. These .pdfs don't take up much room, but they do clutter my USB drive unnecessarily, and, as I'm running out of room on it, I want to clear some room on it for .pdfs I actually need and will use - e.g. books on composition, music theory, etc. So if anyone wants them, now is your chance to grab them. There's a possibility that some of these are not even on the Internet anywhere anymore - though obviously I can't verify that claim. (The Paradox website is still up, though many issues I have are not online on it, as is the website The Gameroom Blitz website is up and has all seven issues of TGB, the Concept issue, and the last issue of P:I, as for the rest, I've no idea.) So if anyone wants them for themselves or for future fanzine archival on Retromags, now is your chance.
  4. I've heard the soundtrack for Curse of the Sinistrals. I didn't like the soundfont very much, but, yeah, the 2nd CD's arrangements are pretty darn good.
  5. Be fair, though. Some of the fanzine editors were 13, 16. Young. Just because they were okay with it then doesn't mean they would be now. That said, you're quite correct. Please forgive my poor wording. Take them as potential precautionary measure if the problem was to ever arise.
  6. Radiant Historia (Yoko Shimomura), Treasure of the Rudras (Ryuji Sasai), Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals (Yasunori Shiono), Vandal Hearts II (Hiroshi Tamawari), Soul Blazer (Yukihide Takekawa), Fossil Echo (John Robert Matz), Infinity (Eric E. Hache), Mythri (Ian Stocker), and Rogue Galaxy (Tomohito Nishiura) are all favorites of mine.
  7. John Robert Matz. This man is a fantastically talented composer - he did Fossil Echo and Rodina and a bunch of other scores and they're all absolutely fantastic. Fossil Echo in particular really got his name out there, I think, and he's currently working on four-five different scores. I can't wait to hear them.
  8. Personally, I think that it is OK to preserve fanzines. As you say, this is, technically speaking, wholly illegal. However, I won't say I think the fanzines should be straight up preserved in original form. Addresses should be whited out, since these people sent the fanzines from their home. That's just the simple matter of privacy, and, also, those people may not live there any more. Likewise with telly numbers if there are any in the fanzines. With regards to names, I don't think that matters much once you remove the address. There are probably dozens, if not hundreds, of, say, Chris Kohlers out there. But, I suppose, if one had so many reservations about it, you could white out the last name of anyone who isn't a known media figure e.g. Chris Kohler, again (when I say "known media figure" I mean someone who is not today anonymous and whom we have confirmation did work on the fanzine), or, heck, at the very most, white-out all the last names. Those are, I think, perfectly reasonable solutions to the matter of privacy.
  9. Not really much of a fan, but I do enjoy it when it's well-done. I mean, I think I do. Of zombie stuff I've only ever really read World War Z.
  10. You're welcome, and no need to welcome me - I'm just HunterofBugs under a less ridiculous name.
  11. At the prodding of RetroDefense, I am bringing over my list from Digital Press (where I am no longer active) to Retromags. Truthfully I ought to have done this a month ago; I am the great procrastinator, you see. Anyways. Here's the list with accompanying info on editor and links to whatever website/info there is on it. 8/16 Colin Hunt Above and Beyond Tom Donoho Access Time John Leverich & Genesis Kryscki Adult Gamers Quarterly Rick Shrand At the Controls Glenn Rubenstein Atari Entertainment Edwin Stifter Atari Magazin Robert Kaltenbrunn, later Werner Ratz Atari Zone Dan Iacovelli [?] Bit Age Times Blip! Tim Johnson BOOT! The Official Newsletter of LACE Chrome Mike Histen Circuit City Report Danny Tan & Terrence Yee Classic Console Magazine Josh LaFrance Classic Gamer Magazine Chris Cavanaugh Classic Systems and Games Monthly Jeff Perkins Codename: Megazine Commodore Cracker Commodore Faction David Connolly Commodore Free Commodore Zone Computer Gaming Update Concept Jess Ragan Concordant Opposition Jeff Bogumil Continue? Greg Wilcox Control Freaks Counterpoint! Tabitha Indigo Paige Crappy, Cheaply Produced Newsletter About What Sucks Alan Lanoie Cyber Beat Mike Ciletti Denial Jeff Daniels Digital Anime Eric Patterson Digital Flair Dan Bowden Digital Press Joe Santulli No. 1-49 / Dave Giarusso No. 50-? / Jeff Belmonte (or Jeff Spega) No 66-? with Tim Snider No. 67-? Digital Savior Kevin Cline Digital Storm Corey You Dominion Nate Hineline Dreamscape Frank Eva DSX Corey You Duh?! Carlton Rahmani Duo-Dimensions Michael D. Babcock Dystopia Dennis Crowley Electro World Charlie Kraupp and Garrett Baldwin [?] Electronics Conquest Brian Penzone Entry Level David Hunt [?] and Tyrone Rodriguez Escapist Michael Palisano (probably the same person as Mike Palisano) EXCEL DISK MAGAZINE R. Stuart exp. Magazine Fanarchy Ben Leatherman Fantazine Pat Reynolds Feature Charles Brownstein Forgotten Words Russell Loudin Futura XL/XE Newsletter S. J. Murray G-Force "Mr. Nutz" Game Enthusiasts Magazine Game Force Jeff Beedham Game Mag Jon Ratcliffe Game Masters Greg Meyers Game Over Matt Leone Game Rave Game Star Mike Burns Game Time with Mister Raroo Bill Sennwald GameLord Pat Reynolds Gamer X Gamers Quarterly Ken Song Gametron Gaming Source Genesian Rick Shrand GirlGames Hardcore Tyrone Rodriguez High Density Greg Bemis and Jonah Jackson Hyperzine Matt Lotti In Between the Lines Sean Pettibone In Sights David Mussman Infestation Alan Lanoie Infiltration Lee Bridges Intellivision Lines Ralph Linne Jeff's MegaSports Wire Jeffrey Michael Tschiltsch Jounrey's End Joystick Jolter KC Connection Ken Walls Lynx User Edwin Stifter and Chris Wetherley MASTERminds Todd Lintner Matrix3 Jeremy Statz Media Point Nate Palmer MegaForce A. J. Ramas MegaGaming MEGAmania Mike Pittaro Metropolis James Catalano Mindstorm Aaron Buckner Monty's Kitten Brooks King N.A.E.G.E. Journal Ed Finkler Neo World Neo-Lord Chris Dyer New World News James Thomas Next Generation Casey Loe Overkill Rick Florey Paradox Chris Johnston PC Engine Gamer & ZX Spectrum Gamer Phantasy Flight David Yan Phanzine Star Noah Dziobecki Porta-Play Scott Boehmer Portable Gameplay Power Play Shawn Surmick Project: Ignition Jess Ragan Random Access Eric Cohen Random Access Scott Boehmer Retro Classix G. Howden Retrogames Jason Moore Role Call Saga Jon Althouse (possibly also known as Saga Force) SCROLL Ray Burnholt Sega Prime Sensory Overload Nathan Hauke Shining Forth Robert Schmitz (alternatively called Shining Force) Shoryuken! Tony Fazzone Slap-Dash Russ Perry Jr. Slipstream Dennis Thompson SNES Gaming Rick Wigstone Spectrum Ara Shirinian Splat! Eric Longdin Sub-Zero Chris Dyer Super Effects Janice Hrusaky Super Gamer Eric Longdin (formerly Super NES Gamer) Super NES Gamer Eric Longdin (became Super Gamer) Super Power Bi-Monthly Andrew McNaughton The 16-Bit Pit Brian Pacula The 2600 Connection Tim Duart No. 1-50 / Russ Perry Jr. No. 51-76 / Al Backiel No. 77-100 The Bombadier Chris Johnston The Consortium Rick Florey The Dark Side Al Riccitelli Jr. The Enigma Journal Matt Wensinge and ? The Game Guru Nate Hineline The Gamer's Quarter The Gameroom Blitz Jess Ragan The Gaming Edge The Good, the Bad, and the 8-Bit Brian Pacula The GURU Brian Goss The Laser Mike Palisano The Monitor George Elwell and David Weinstein ? The New Video Game Trader Jerry Greiner The Obsessed Game Fan Jeffrey Lee The Panic Zone Chris Larson The Portfolio Connection Peter and Lyn Bennett The Prowler The Shape of Gaming to Come Darren Krowlewski The Subversive Sprite Lance Rice The Videogame Trader Tim Duarte Thy Holy Handgrenade Lester Walsh Total Supremacy Jim Pittaro Totally Super NES Andy Saito Tyne & Wear John Matthewson Ultra Bit Magazine Corey You Uproar Mike Pittaro V: The Video Game Experience Daniel Thomas as Dan Thomas McInnes Vendetta Pat Reynolds Video Apocalypse Josh Lesnick Video Game Review Travis Scott Video Game Revolution Nathan Hauke Video Gaming Monthly Ben Leatherman Video Gaming Monthly / Viewpoint Alex Frias Video Magic Frank Polosky Video Scope Aaron Buckner Video Universe Chad Laubach and George Wilson Video Universe Generation 2 Chad Lauback Video Views Ulrich Kempf Video Vision Jared Jones Video Wars Video Zone Chris Kohler Warpzone Matthew Smith Wild Cat (later The Lynx) Phil Patton Zap! Ter Micharoni Zapp! Scott Weller Zineophilia Noah Dziobecki ZONG Yoda Zhang Hopefully this list will come in handy to someone.
  12. Just to throw my two cents in, why not use a format for naming like, per say: [Magazine Name] [Release Date, Month/Day/Year] [issue Number] [Quality] [Archival Website] "Day" only being listed if it's applicable. Quality of course referring to, well, quality, rather it's a lack of it, the file's corrupted, or if there's missing pages. Naturally if everything's fine one won't list it. So for the first issue of Edge... Edge - 10-1993 - 01 - OGM ...or however you like to format it - personally, I don't like underscores or periods, just hyphens, and I always write dates mm/dd/yyyy, but I suspect I'm in the minority with the last one. Anyways, just my two cents. I shall leave you fine fellows to your debate.
  13. PM sent! Thank you very very much, Phillyman.
  14. I'm so sorry to create another topic so soon after the last one, but I was wondering if it was possible to change my username. I don't see any option for it under 'My Settings' - is it even possible to change a username? As I would much like to change mine.
  15. Excellent! I would be glad to continue indexing information. And thank you! It's good to be back, truthfully. This is a small forum, compared to others I'm a part of, but in some ways this one is my favorite. So I'm glad to be back and in the thick of it.
  16. I hope it does! It was very discouraging to spend a while inputting all that info and then to lose it because of an error.
  17. So, I was working on adding info to the page for The Games Machine issue one so that it isn't a stub. I finished everything, and then went to save - except, it turns out that I'd inputted more than the maximum number of characters in the editor field! (I put in Graeme Kidd, Gary Penn (co-editor)) And all that I'd inputted to the Summary of Contents was gone. This is, as you can imagine, very frustrating. I was wondering if there was some way to 'save draft' or something like that so that this doesn't happen. I know there are websites out there that do this, I was wondering if there was some way for Retromags to join this cadre without too much trouble? If it is too much trouble, than I understand completely and will start making sure I copy the summary of contents to my clipboard in case it happens again in the future. Yours, Bughuntertf.
  18. This website has an absolutely ridiculous number of magazines. Some are listed under the 'Magazines and Books' page under the 'Products' tab. Others are listed under the Atari, Commodore, Sega, Nintendo, Sinclair, Handheld, Playstation, and Other Formats. The selection is staggering. Just thought I would alert you all. It's a U.K. site, so international shipping would probably be very expensive. Hopefully it might be helpful to those members who can scan and preserve magazines.
  19. I've been a member of 2014, but I haven't visited here in so long that I think it's okay for me to introduce myself here. (If I'm wrong, Phillyman, please delete my post.) So... Hi. I'm Bughuntertf, or HunterofBugs, as my username will tell you. I thought the latter was a clever variation on the former, I now realize I'm wrong. I was active here for a long time way back in 2014 and maybe a little of 2015. I was really into videogame magazines then, but it faded after a while. Thus my inactivity. Now I'm into videogame music, too, and more than that, I'm composing it - or, at least, I aspire too. So far, it hasn't faded. But anyways. I am back. I plan to add the contents info to the Nintendo Power info pages (finally finishing what I began back in 2014 with NP issue 253). I can't scan or preserve my magazines, but I can add their info into the database. (Again, assuming that is allowed. I heard about the NP controversy a while back, and, also, I'm not sure what has and hasn't changed with regards to the rules. If I am wrong about this, please correct me. I don't intend to add the info until I know for sure it's A-OK.)
  20. Ooooh, underrated videogame music. You sir have brought about a monster which is difficult to tame. I love videogame music, it's something I'm very passionate about, and I plan to go into a career as a videogame music composer. "Heaven, Resounding Wings" from Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean, composed by Naoki Kodaka. Everyone is familiar with Kodaka's classic NES tunes but almost no one knows of his orchestral RPG music for the Albert Odyssey series. And it's a shame, too, because he wrote some pretty good stuff. It's true that his melodies aren't as instantly hummable as Uematsu's or Kondo's or Shiono's, but the music he wrote is still very listenable. "The Road Walked by Heroes" from the first Albert Odyssey I highly recommend as well as its arrangement for the Orchestral Game Concert 3 retitled "Theme of Albert Odyssey". "The Spirit Chaser" and "The Tower of God" from Treasure of the Rudras, composed by Ryuji Sasai. Sasai was one of Square's lesser-known composers, but he was just as talented as Uematsu, Mitsuda, and Kikuta - it's just that he never really had a chance to prove it. In America we only saw his work on Final Fantasy Legend III (alongside Chihiro Fujioka) and Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (alongside Yasuhiro Kawakami), as well as Bushido Blade 2. But none of these games was ever particularly well-known except Mystic Quest which is well-known because of the soundtrack. I've never heard Bushido Blade 2, but in my opinion his best music is undoubtedly for Treasure of the Rudras. These two tracks are personal favorites, "The Spirit Chaser" being the best battle theme from the game and "The Tower of God" my personal favorite area track. The quality of these uploads is not the best but the music still shines through. If you like them, also check out "Beginning for the End", "The Ultimate Warrior", "Earthbound", "Edge of Darkness", and "Beyond the Rising Moon". "A Powerful Emperor" from Breath of Fire, composed by Yasuaki Fujita. Fujita was the lead composer for this soundtrack, but Mari Yamaguchi contributed a handful of pieces (including the capital-c 16-bit Classic "Starting the Journey") and Minae Fujii, Yoko Shimomura, and Tatsuya Nishimura each contributed a single piece each. "A Powerful Emperor" comes from the opening and is a powerful, dramatic work that shows deep influence from Star Wars and dare I say it The Legend of Zelda as it has a similar bassline as "Dark World Mountain/Forest", but this may just be coincidence. If you like this - or even if you don't - "Starting the Journey" should be checked out as well. My fingers are tired so that's all I'm posting. But be warned: I'll be back!
  21. Stand Still Stay Silent, Drive, Vattu, Clockwork, Wilde Life, The Boy Who Fell, Unsounded, The Abominable Charles Christopher, The Glass Scientists, Shlock Mercenary, and XYventures are all on my regular reading list. Warning: Unsounded and XYventures are occasionally NSFW and definitely not for the under 16. All of those links will take you to either the first page of the comic or the appropriate navigation page.
  22. Video game fanzines tend to pop up among my obsessions every now again. In particular scans - so far I've only found Digital Press 1-53 and 66-69, Project: Ignition No. 9, the last Concept, the 9 issues of The Gameroom Blitz, one of V: The Videogame Experience, Classic Gamer Magazine, Paradox, SCROLL (which is so good I don't know if it counts), an archive of covers for The Laser, some of Game Time with Mister Raroo, The Gamer's Quarter (also so good I'm unsure of the counts-ing thereof), 8/16, Commodore Free, and two or so others. Not much. Right now on the televisual side of things I have been enjoying House M.D. and as always Doctor Who, though not to the same obsessive extent as formerly. In truth there's not really much for me to obsess with - and I hesitate to call it that as I make sure to not let it take over my life - seeing as I'm moving. Though there are webcomics. Well-drawn ones in particular. Unsounded, Digger, Shlock Mercenary, Vattu, Clockwork, Stand Still Stay Silent, A Redtail's Dream, and The Abominable Charles Christopher are my favorites.
  23. He will be missed. May he rest in peace.
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