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  1. RT @UserGoogol: If politics is about conflict, the powerful will always win, by definition. We must hope that sometimes speaking truth to p…

  2. RT @WayForward: Guess what?! We have great news! Our #MightySwitchForce #Nintendo #3DS theme is coming to NA this week! EU news soon http:/…

  3. RT @UserGoogol: Splatoon is about the collapse of the kid-squid dichotomy in our postmodern age.

  4. RT @lowtax: Hey April O'Neil, you are the worst camera woman ever, the story is behind you, stupid

  5. RT @FwugRadiation: if you like someone, you might sit next to them on the bus ♥. if you like-like someone, you'll engulf them and eat their…

  6. RT @caravan_palace: End of rehearsals ! Ready for the summer gigs !

  7. RT @WheelieCyberman: You can't tell from the album, but it's layered with old CPU circuitry. So ill. By GMC.

  8. Gabber music sounds like someone dropped the bass on a Centipede arcade cabinet.

  9. RT @FwugRadiation: Heheh... Do you know why they call me "Prince of the Deadly Fist?" (points to family tree) "Because I am son of King of …

  10. RT @Crunchyroll: News: Crunchyroll Adds "Amagi Brilliant Park" To Catalog

  11. Dark Horse, you cheeky bastards... (from "Gunsmith Cats Revised Edition Vol. 4")

  12. "Le Danboard" is really charming <3

  13. RT @gomanga: Satoshi Mizukami's epic LUCIFER AND THE BISCUIT HAMMER launches into its third omnibus today! Don't miss out!…

  14. RT @studiojanck: Frigg, wife of Odin and Goddess of Twofold Bastardized Swearwords