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  1. nirvbew

    what is your reason for downloading magazine scans?

    Preservation and nostalgia, of course. I'm sick and tired of people hoarding and purposefully making things rare by not digitizing some of this stuff. Many collectors are doing it for the money when things like this need to be preserved, not collected and sold. A great example is the DVD version of Audioslave's self-titled 2002 album has never been digitally preserved and ripped to .flac format. It's 24bit 48kHz and apparently sounds really good, but society will never know because almost nobody has a copy of it to digitize. :(
  2. nirvbew

    Retromags Collection Moving to Newsgroups

    I remember when I suggested this in 2010 and was given crap about it. It really is the best method because I only got like 8 magazines today and I'm hit with a download limit that isn't even my side. That means I cannot change IPs or ISPs and continue downloading--I'm locked out because the rapidfire account has a limit per day. So as you can see here, I uploaded a massive 310GB Phil Hendrie archive with no problem and it's still there. Gamefan and everything deserves to be there.
  3. nirvbew

    Documentary video on my magazine collection

    So I typed this. Can you not censor the site, please? Thanks.
  4. Hello nirvbew, Welcome to the Retromags Community!