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  1. I'm definitely getting rid of the mags that have been preserved, but the ones that have a scanning status on this site, are the ones i might hang on to, just in case they don't get done. I will check the status's of those mags's from time to time. (only like 10 issues). The scanning guide on this site recommends flatbed, versus feeder, unless you have a good feeder, which i probably don't have. And flatbed scanning is very time consuming obviously, so i just meant that i don't know how useful i will be. And i doubt that i will have the tools and knowledge to correct the color, etc, hence the reason to use flatbed scanning instead, because it usually requires less editing. (again, i'm just going by what the scanning guide says) -- If i do more research, perhaps eventually i can contribute more. I'm sure you'd say not to worry about it, and to just do the best i can, as long as it meets the standards.
  2. I figured i was being too presumptuous about the covers, and about a lot of other things as well. In fact, i'm thinking about saving the magazines that i have, that currently have a scanning status. Maybe some of them have been in limbo for a while, from site leaders that have left, and it might be useful for me to keep them around. ("glass" scanning and editing may not be a strong thing for me, which i realize is most needed, but we'll see what happens). You might advise me to just keep ALL of my magazines, not just the ones with a scanning status, but i have a huge stack that are preserved here, and my wife has been getting on me about it.......But i have to part with them, and they're either going on ebay as a lot, or maybe individually. It's possible that i could give them away to people here if people want them. (i'll probably make a list). I'll think about it what i should do. I don't think i've ever been to archive.org ever, but i've heard of it. I will give it a look!
  3. The topic "List of incomplete scans" still shows that those 4 pages are missing, because it's not crossed off the to-do list. Also, i noticed on page 21-22, that there's a small square cut out of these 2 pages. (i'm referencing to issue #56 that i got from the torrents about a week ago). Even though i'm new here, and haven't really scanned too much, i do have the paper issue of #56, if anyone wants me to scan those 2 pages.
  4. I tried to upload the cover i scanned. It's around 14mb, in jpg format, but i keep getting an error. -- I might use this mag as a test to see how it scans in my feeder though, since it's stapled, and not glue bound. But if it doesn't look good, i'll have to think about the 5 min per page for a glass scan. Edit: Ahh, i see, rez twice the size as the other ones on the site. I'll try to make some adjustments.
  5. Very good info, and i have a better understanding of how things work now. (and if i had read a little more before posting, i would've wrote my post differently, especially when understanding "acquired" versus "preserved"). But if we take out the fact that Gamefan won't ever allow it, it would still be good to know if a particular issue was on someones hard drive or not, but that is just my opinion. Honestly, if i knew, for example, that Gamefan oct 2000 was preserved here, i would sell it or whatever, because that particular issue doesn't mean much to me, but i'd still like to help out with scanning it, if needed. I'm kind of assuming that all of the Gamefan mag's that have submitted covers, are somewhere, behind the scenes. And if you guys ever make an announcement that you'll allow Gamefan, even if it's in 10 years, i'm sure there will be enough people to get all the issues up eventually (and i only say this because i remember Gamefan subscribers being totally obsessed), so my oct 2000 issue (used only for example) will be useless, hence the reason why i want to get rid of it now. (like you said, that is foolish thinking, but it's only 1 issue, and probably not rare). I won't worry about it anymore though. What i need to worry about more, is the fact that i take EGM more seriously, and i do want to scan issues 69, 71, 72, 118, 119. (and maybe the EGM 1999 Buyers Guide, which i don't see listed here). I got these issues out when i didn't see them in the torrents, but today i do see that these issues are acquired at least. (which like you said, doesn't always mean much). I might be one of the people who scans one issue only, but i have to at least try it out. I have a low end feeder scanner, and i need to read more about the preferred methods. I want to contribute something, even if i only get a "preserved R" status on a few issues. But i'll do more research and do the best i can. Edit: Ok, i'm reading the pre-scan guide. If my feeder isn't good enough, that could be an issue. This is a big undertaking. I'm also starting to realize that mag's that aren't allowed, are better to avoid all around.
  6. I have a Tips & Tricks "1998 codebook - collectors edition", with lara croft as the main character on the cover. There is absolutely no issue #, or any other way to identify it, which seems typical for these special editions. I also don't see an entry for it on the retromags database. -- I guess my question is, should it be added to the database? (can i add it to the database? i'm still new to using this site). Should i scan the mag? Should i send it in? I'm sure you'd say yes to most of those questions, but i don't want to waste time if this particular issue is obsolete/not wanted. -- But like you said, there's still work to do.
  7. I remember when one of their reviewers said that Tekken Tag Tournament (arcade version, before the console version came out) was terrible, and that they'd rather play "Time Killers". If you remember, Time Killers was a next-to-worthless fighting game, except for the mid-round decapitations.
  8. This may be a dead horse topic, but i don't see a way to search the forums. I have the issue for Gamefan, oct 2000. I understand the reason why it's not allowed, however, perhaps there should be a designation that shows whether retromags has the actual issue, and/or if it was scanned. Example, "acquired/scanned/not allowed". What if Gamefan changes their mind, or enough time passes that it doesn't matter? (i know that you all have considered this). So if you really don't have the issue, and people get rid of theirs, and Gamefan eventually allows it, then that will make things harder. (i mean this for any magazine really). Maybe you already have this designated in another way, and i missed something, but i didn't notice anything. Edit: Ok, so i found the forum search a second after posting this (duh), but after reading some posts, it still seems unclear to me. -- Lets say that all issues that say "not allowed" are indeed acquired. Ok, but then some issue of Gamefan don't even have a cover, so it leaves me unsure.
  9. Hello Cbeckner, Welcome to the Retromags Community!

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