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  1. Since I will be getting a boxed copy of A Link to the Past sometime soon, my biggest wants are mostly for my Castlevania collection: Dracula X, The Adventure, Legends, Chronicles and Belmont's Revenge, all complete, which tend to be fairly difficult to come across. I do wanted boxed copies of Ocarina and Majora's Mask, with the gold Ocarina cart, but they don't appear to be as rare as, say, Dracula X.
  2. Honestly, I've never cared that much about it. In general, most old consoles become fairly affordable so that, if you really want to play some old game, it won't cost you an arm to go and pick them up. While it is a nice feature to have on a console, I never really grew up with backwards-compatible consoles like the PS2, so it's not a must-have feature for me.
  3. An argument can be made that, these days, manuals aren't really needed as much as back in the day, today games usually introduce you to the mechanics of a game through some form of a tutorial, which covers much of the ground that a manual would cover as well. As a whole, gamers today don't really care about manuals being included and I can't blame them. I know, personally, I only once ever really looked at a manual and that was for the original Pokemon Blue, for every other game I simply jumped in and figured it out on my own (which explains why until recently I had NO IDEA that there was a long jump on Super Mario 64). Ultimately, whether or not this is a good thing depends on when you grew up and your own gaming habits. I will say that, technically, with the loss of manuals it would make buying complete versions of games easier since there will be less items to track down than if you want to buy, say, Super Smash Bros. Wii U complete compared to Castlevania complete.
  4. Maybe eventually, but right now do not have any pre-2000 magazines and my current collection has a number of holes. I didn't start subscribing until 2005, so anything before that I've had to buy them and because of that I am missing plenty.
  5. It's really sad to hear this, OXM was one of the magazines I bought regularly back when I got the first XBOX and I loved having access to demos for the first time. I was introduced to a number of fantastic games through OXM's disks, including Doom 3 and Star Wars: Republic Commando. Digital may be beating out print these days, but I, for one, still love to have something to look forward to every month as well as having something physical to collect. Hopefully the journalists will be able to find work elsewhere soon.
  6. I'm really not a huge collector of games, I have a few select franchises I collect and that's about it. I also collect various statues that come with those expensive collector's editions, though usually I wait until I find good deals on them. Of my collection, the highest in value is my complete copy of Super Castlevania IV and my sealed, import copy of Okami HD for the PS3.
  7. Well, I have to say if anyone has any interest in retro games, or the history of the industry, then Retro Gamer is a must-read. They are a fantastic source on the games of old and don't just stick to the things that we're all already familiar with.
  8. Thank you all very much, I am an avid collector of Game Informer (and starting on Retro Gamer) and am happy to be able to provide the info from my collection. For the time being, however, my main collection is in storage, so it will be some time before anything else beyond the recent issues will be updated.
  9. Hello TheRon, Welcome to the Retromags Community!