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  1. is this a full magazine issue or some very short special edition?
  2. cool! maybe this is the one i bought back in the day.
  3. i'd be more excited if it was filmed and shown in 60 FPS stereoscopic 3D, to be honest...
  4. I didn't think they should include tapes with magazines, but offer them as a separate service one could pay for. Nintendo also sent out a VHS tape (at least in the U.S.) to many SNES owners that was a promotional video for Donkey Kong Country explaining the technology of the game and at the end it showed about 5 seconds of Killer Instinct. I'm not aware of any other time they did that or of any company doing a similar thing.
  5. Do you think it would have been a successful product? The screenshots in magazines were oftentimes sucky, plus seeing a game in motion would have been very helpful and a lot more content could have been covered! I think it would have been a huge success for magazines to sell supplemental tapes showing actual gameplay on dozens of games. I really wish I could have bought sometihng like that. Actually, it could have been freely given away by Sega and Nintendo. Like, you give them enough UPC codes to prove you're a frequent game buyer, and they send you free of charge a video catalog of games for their system.
  6. Here's my story of my experience with different game mags: I started with nintendo power since it was advertised in my SNES console box, then a year or two later picked up a GamePro since I had a sega genesis. I checked out other mags at the time but I subscribed to GamePro because it was the only one I remember that specified if a game had battery backup or password saving or not and I hated short games or games that made me start all over after running out of lives. I experimented with EGM, Video Games, and Die Hard Game Fan and they were good too but I never subscribed, though I would have if i had enough spare money. Around 1994 or 1995 I subscribed to Game Players because they became the funniest game magazine I ever saw. I think it was when the editor became Phil Donahue that the magazine started getting more humorous. I stopped subscribing after 1-2 years as they became Ultra Game Players and lost their humor. I guess they got too controversial and were scared to not get more serious. But I am just now wondering why GamePro was so popular. I may skim through a lot of game magazines here one day that I never read and see which one really was the best (maybe GamePro did deserve its huge success).
  7. i don't do mobile games because I need physical buttons to enjoy my games. I tried finding some strategy games that wouldn't benefit from physical buttons but they all looked kinda boring.
  8. PC's must be part of the "problem". I for one despise consoles now even though I spent so much time enjoying them growing up. Now I see them as a hindrance to advancing video games.
  9. Actually I can enjoy the textures of 1st party PS1 games or 3d games later in the systems life, but I gotta have more polygons. Mitten hands are too annoying for me.
  10. I agree that the 32-bit console style 3d graphics are too ugly but I think I'd enjoy retro 3d graphics in the style of World of Warcraft. I never played that game but it's an example of the kind of 3d graphics that I think are good enough to enjoy in a retro sense. I remember when I first played Twisted Metal on PS1, maybe my first PS1 game experience, and I was like wow cool graphics. But nowadays it is beyond ugly. It's the same thing with Super Mario 64.
  11. I've seen a lot of retro-style games on Steam but most of them are too retro. I want 16/32-bit style or SVGA graphics, but most of them are NES style or EGA PC graphics style and it's too ugly for me. Some of the 16-bit style ones still look a bit lazy with the artistic level of detail or graphics that repeat too much. Terrian Saga and Super Cyborg are among the only few that've stood out to me. I wanted to like Oniken and Odallus but I don't enjoy NES graphics unless it's an actual NES game. How about you all, what kind of retro graphics style do you want?
  12. which one do you most want to do if you can only choose 1?
  13. well, why did you decide to quit VG's?
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