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  1. IMPORTANT NOTE! I just created a free Rapidshare account and I WAS able to download the magazine in quesetion with that. You do need an account to download this magazine, but it doesn't have to be a payed one. You CAN USE A FREE RAPIDSHARE ACCOUNT to download it. So my previous request isn't needed any more. But this fact should be in a sticky on the forum somewhere, so others don't run into the same problem I did, of not being able to download something because they tried to download it from Rapidshare as a guest (without an account).
  2. This magazine http://www.retromags.com/magazines/category/usa/expert-gamer/expert-gamer-issue-67 has one download link. It is a Rapidshare link. Unfortunately the download size is too big for me to download without an RS Pro account. As such I can't get it. Can someone with a RS Pro account, please download it, and then upload it to another site (I think Mediafire is pretty good), or even make a torrent for it? Or at least make a split-file RAR archive, and upload the separate files to RS, and then I'll download as much as I can each day (due to the daily total download size limit).
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