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  1. Hi all, I'm writing the Wikipedia article on the 2004 Sabre Wulf and am looking for the July 2004 Nintendo Power review (#181, possibly on p. 120). Would someone with a copy be able to take a one-page photo/scan?
  2. EGM 2005 overrated games

    An update: I was able to get a copy from a friend so mark this request as resolved. It was actually in the May issue and the scan is here, if you're curious.
  3. EGM 2005 overrated games

    Thanks! Yep, just looking for the citation information (name of section, author if listed, page and issue numbers). I'm finalizing the Wikipedia article on Donkey Kong 64 so following my last few leads. If someone could type out the blurb on the game (if that's preferable to scanning the single page), that'd work too. Appreciate the help
  4. I'm trying to track down a citation for an EGM list of overrated games. It started quite a few flame threads in its day. If the list actually exists, I think it's likely in either March or April 2005 based on online forum posts. Since I wasn't able to find an issue or page number, I'm not sure whether it exists, but I'd be curious to see a scan if it does. Mentions: "This was in the last EGM, not the new one."
  5. Hi all, I'm writing the WP article on R.C. Pro-Am II and am looking for the review in the topic title. I know the magazine's not up, but does anyone have a copy of the review they could lend? Thanks!
  6. I'm writing the Wikipedia article on Mischief Makers (ゆけゆけ!!トラブルメーカーズ Yuke Yuke!! Trouble Makers), which is more or less complete save for Japanese coverage. So I'm desperate for Japanese print reviews of this game and, well, they're kind of rare. Would anyone happen to have Famitsu, Dengeki Nintendo 64, and/or 64 Dream from around June 1997? I'm specifically trying to track down what appears to be a review in Famitsu #446, and a spread in #448. I have translators and librarians on hold if I could just find out what issues it's in and anyone who actually has the copies.
  7. Hello czar, Welcome to the Retromags Community!