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    Status = Not Allowed?

    Thanks again for the replies. I was looking and it looks like a lot of the magazines I have don't have synopsises or anything like that. I will hold on to them and see what I can do to get some of them onto the site. Thanks again!
  2. phriq

    Status = Not Allowed?

    Thank you so much guys for the thorough answers to my questions! I really appreciate it. As far as magazines published after December 2004, is there purpose to keeping these then? The cut off is roughly 10 years for discontinued mags and 15 for ones still in publication. Does this adjust to the right as time passes or are these dates pretty firm regardless? For example, if I have 2005 magazines, should I hold onto them for a year in hopes that they can be uploaded next year after 10 years has passed? Thanks again for the responses. I can already tell this is a good community to be a part of!
  3. phriq

    Status = Not Allowed?

    Hello, I am new to the community but find what you are doing here awesome and want to help out. I have been purging my basement and have a massive amount of old gaming magazines (Game Informer, Computer Gaming World, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Games for Windows, Gamepro, etc.). I would ideally like to replace my physical issues with digital copies, however, for many of the magizines I see that there isn't a digital copy available. I would like to contribute by scanning these issues and submitting them to the site. However, when I go to the magazine issue I see the status is "Not Allowed". I was curious if someone could explain to me more in depth the status's of magazines and what each status means. Does "Not Allowed" mean the magazine issue still falls under copyright regulation and therefore cannot be scanned?
  4. Hello phriq, Welcome to the Retromags Community!