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  1. You know, I'd really really really (!) like to buy the Tiny NES. Just to have it and put it somewhere. It looks so darn cute. I remember my own NES back then, ugly big thing it was.
  2. Image too big, but here's proof that I don't have an edit button...
  3. I got NoScript running, I just deactivated it completely... I will edit this post if I can...
  4. My first real vivid memories of gaming are drawing maps for Bard's Tale and playing Ultima IV...earlier memories are just blurry playing arcade C64 games.
  5. Now that's strange. I posted and saw my mistake right after posting. I never saw an "edit" button, not even in the first five minutes.
  6. If I would have the time, I would do the following on my PC: - play Steam games - play GOG games - play physical PC games - emulate the Super Nintendo - emulate the Commodore 64 - play Interactive Fiction - play browser/flash games - emulate many other systems, including PS1/2 I think my choice has been made. Still, I really like console and handheld games. I just like to have the option to fast forward and save state. :-) (What I would give for that option in many PC games...)
  7. Hi everyone, perhaps I'm just blind, but I posted in a thread and found a mistake afterwards. I then couldn't for the life of me find the "edit post" button to correct that mistake. Is there no such button? If yes, why?
  8. Every weekend I ask myself how it can possible at all that I haven't yet won a million dollars in the lottery, as I'm already doing it for years on end. Spoiler: The above is meant jokingly. I know the odds. I play anyway ;-)
  9. I probably wouldn't quit my job at once or at all, as $1 million bucks can be gone in a blink of an eye if you do stupid decisions...but I could see myself reducing to 50% for a year or two.
  10. The Geekbox - Likable people talking about geeky stuff (super heroes, video games, comics, etc.) Good Job Brain - Trivia podcast with themed episodes and quizzes. Idle Thumbs - Video game podcast with part fascinating design discusions part hilarious non sequiturs.
  11. I had so much effing free time, which I didn't know how to appreciate. No work, no duties...*sigh*
  12. I once read through 40 years worth of Spider-Man comics. That was quite an experience. Now I talk to myself when traversing the city.
  13. Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. - It's getting harder, but I will prevail. It plays a lot nicer with a flightstick.
  14. Let me think...it was either a second slim PS2 to have spare parts, a second DS Lite to have a spare system, or the Wii because "Hey let's have another system in the house I don't play"
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