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  1. You know, I'd really really really (!) like to buy the Tiny NES. Just to have it and put it somewhere. It looks so darn cute. I remember my own NES back then, ugly big thing it was.
  2. Image too big, but here's proof that I don't have an edit button...
  3. I got NoScript running, I just deactivated it completely... I will edit this post if I can...
  4. My first real vivid memories of gaming are drawing maps for Bard's Tale and playing Ultima IV...earlier memories are just blurry playing arcade C64 games.
  5. Now that's strange. I posted and saw my mistake right after posting. I never saw an "edit" button, not even in the first five minutes.
  6. If I would have the time, I would do the following on my PC: - play Steam games - play GOG games - play physical PC games - emulate the Super Nintendo - emulate the Commodore 64 - play Interactive Fiction - play browser/flash games - emulate many other systems, including PS1/2 I think my choice has been made. Still, I really like console and handheld games. I just like to have the option to fast forward and save state. :-) (What I would give for that option in many PC games...)
  7. Hi everyone, perhaps I'm just blind, but I posted in a thread and found a mistake afterwards. I then couldn't for the life of me find the "edit post" button to correct that mistake. Is there no such button? If yes, why?
  8. Every weekend I ask myself how it can possible at all that I haven't yet won a million dollars in the lottery, as I'm already doing it for years on end. Spoiler: The above is meant jokingly. I know the odds. I play anyway ;-)
  9. I probably wouldn't quit my job at once or at all, as $1 million bucks can be gone in a blink of an eye if you do stupid decisions...but I could see myself reducing to 50% for a year or two.
  10. The Geekbox - Likable people talking about geeky stuff (super heroes, video games, comics, etc.) Good Job Brain - Trivia podcast with themed episodes and quizzes. Idle Thumbs - Video game podcast with part fascinating design discusions part hilarious non sequiturs.
  11. I had so much effing free time, which I didn't know how to appreciate. No work, no duties...*sigh*
  12. I once read through 40 years worth of Spider-Man comics. That was quite an experience. Now I talk to myself when traversing the city.
  13. Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. - It's getting harder, but I will prevail. It plays a lot nicer with a flightstick.
  14. Let me think...it was either a second slim PS2 to have spare parts, a second DS Lite to have a spare system, or the Wii because "Hey let's have another system in the house I don't play"
  15. On Steam, UserID danowar2k. And soon (a few years) Steam will be my main gaming platform, when I'm finished with my physical games.
  16. I hope this will never happen :-( At least then I'll have something to drive me to Linux. Or I'll just use Windows 7 forevermore. (Or perhaps a modded Windows which doesn't f*** with me.
  17. Now there's something to fantasize about: What will come after digital download games? And I consider cloud streaming to be digital, too. I hate it when my drive sounds like it's gonna explode or eject the broken/mangled CD straight into my knee.
  18. Oooh, I'll try too. In no particular order: - Final Fantasy III - Kirby's Adventure - Mega Man 2 - Castlevania III - Ninja Gaiden - Contra - Crystalis - Dragon Warrior IV - Super Mario Bros. 3 - The Legend of Zelda Dammit, I have 13. Honorable mentions: - Adventures of Lolo - Duck Tales - Gargoyle's Quest II
  19. Have beaten CSI: Dark Motives after a playthrough of The Thing. Currently undecided whether to continue playing or toss it into the gutter: Spy Hunter - Nowhere to Run. I just don't know, the camera is so ass.
  20. I can think of some: - Sweet Home (Precursor of Resident Evil) - Just Breed (strategy RPG) - Dark Lord - Chaos World I think all of those need translations, so...
  21. A few years (wait, 2008 isn't "a few" anymore...damn)... nearly a decade ago I played all NES/Famicom games and beat quite a few through the magic of emulator save states. Battletoads is one of the only games, maybe even the only one game that I liked a lot to want to beat it and couldn't even do so with save states. At least I think it is, is Battletoads the one with the rolling ball stage where the ball chases you around at unbelievable speeds?
  22. Now if only someone would be able to translate those Famitsu magazines... I stare at them and desperately want to understand them.
  23. As soon as I am finished with my current book (Nochnoi Dozor in German), I'll start The Thing (2002) as I've heard good things about this game. It'll probably be without save anywhere functionality, but I hope the checkpoint system is good enough not to frustrate me.
  24. Because of space issues I prefer digital over physical games, as long as they have no DRM measures. Well, even physical games have DRM measures like Starforce, so...it's mostly just space issues, maybe. Oh, and I like when the physical boxes have beautiful art or gimmicks like cloth maps and such. Which probably means I don't care for modern physical games. And no, I don't want to pay 100 bucks for a limited edition which would have this kind of stuff. Video games are not that high a priority.
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