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  1. If I would have the time, I would do the following on my PC:

    - play Steam games

    - play GOG games

    - play physical PC games

    - emulate the Super Nintendo

    - emulate the Commodore 64

    - play Interactive Fiction

    - play browser/flash games

    - emulate many other systems, including PS1/2


    I think my choice has been made. Still, I really like console and handheld games. I just like to have the option to fast forward and save state. :-)


    (What I would give for that option in many PC games...)

  2. The Geekbox - Likable people talking about geeky stuff (super heroes, video games, comics, etc.)


    Good Job Brain - Trivia podcast with themed episodes and quizzes.


    Idle Thumbs - Video game podcast with part fascinating design discusions part hilarious non sequiturs.

  3. Oooh, I'll try too.

    In no particular order:


    - Final Fantasy III

    - Kirby's Adventure

    - Mega Man 2

    - Castlevania III

    - Ninja Gaiden

    - Contra

    - Crystalis

    - Dragon Warrior IV

    - Super Mario Bros. 3

    - The Legend of Zelda


    Dammit, I have 13.

    Honorable mentions:

    - Adventures of Lolo

    - Duck Tales

    - Gargoyle's Quest II

  4. A few years (wait, 2008 isn't "a few" anymore...damn)... nearly a decade ago I played all NES/Famicom games and beat quite a few through the magic of emulator save states.

    Battletoads is one of the only games, maybe even the only one game that I liked a lot to want to beat it and couldn't even do so with save states.

    At least I think it is, is Battletoads the one with the rolling ball stage where the ball chases you around at unbelievable speeds?

  5. Because of space issues I prefer digital over physical games, as long as they have no DRM measures.

    Well, even physical games have DRM measures like Starforce, so...it's mostly just space issues, maybe. Oh, and I like when the physical boxes have beautiful art or gimmicks like cloth maps and such. Which probably means I don't care for modern physical games. And no, I don't want to pay 100 bucks for a limited edition which would have this kind of stuff. Video games are not that high a priority.

  6. I still play my old DS Lite (I have both a silver and a white one because the grey one's touchscreen was getting unresponsive because of too much Elite Beat Agents).

    From time to time I play Picross DS, even though I tend to use the buttons because I'm either too blind to tap the right box or the touchscreen is out of whack.

    I still have a years old save of Etrian Odyssey 2 I someday will return to. I bought all three (then existing) Etrian games because I loved the first one.

    I should play more DS...

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