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  1. I wipe my tears with a gunblade.

  2. Oh man. Talk about serendipity! XD … (via @pewdiepie)

  3. RT @dylanhorrocks: Osamu Tezuka's daughter discovers his stash of hand-drawn sexy mouse artwork: (via @hutchowen) ht…

  4. Genesis NBA JAM wins. Better announcer bits, music throughout session, 3-button layout compliments perfectly.

  5. As a certified podcast junkie I now find myself in withdrawal. I need recommendations. GO!

  6. I wanted tacos and a nice brown ale, preferably New Castle. I got DiGiorno and Bud Light. Hm. still a worthy compliment to Double Team.

  7. Video shoot done. Work done. Now, on to more pressing matters: should I acquire pizza or tacos & beer while watching Double Team?

  8. Optimistic my video shoot for National Library Workers Day won't be comprised of "um" and "like, you know"

  9. So much merchandise, so much bad fanart, such a waste. And the fanbase... Sonic the Hedgehog is the ICP of video games.

  10. Feminist game enthusiasts can orate for hours with precision. We need that same passion to battle against violent video game scapegoating.

  11. It's 2014 and nerds still haven't realized prod. studios "responsible" for their childhood touchstones don't owe them anything. #TMNT2014

  12. This pleases me. RT: "@IGN: The creators of Divekick will take over Killer Instinct."

  13. .@twitter, no. Rebranding RTs as shares? Enough FB plagiary. Stop taking the piss and leave well alone. Don't. Alienate. Your. Users.

  14. USPS's absurd $1.05 Change of Address fee for "identity verification" is no more daft than my submission to use snail mail. I am an idiot.