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  1. JohnSmith

    JohnSmith's Work in Progress

    Are the gallery image previews broken now? Electronic Games, July 1995 Info/download page -
  2. JohnSmith

    JohnSmith's Work in Progress

    Electronic Games, September 1994 Info/download page -
  3. JohnSmith

    JohnSmith's Work in Progress

    Electronic Games, April 1993 Info/download page -
  4. JohnSmith

    JohnSmith's Work in Progress

    Intelligent Gamer, January 1997 Info/download page -
  5. JohnSmith

    JohnSmith's Work in Progress

    Electronic Games, February 1993 Info/download page -
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  7. JohnSmith

    JohnSmith's Work in Progress

    It's the same group/line of magazines. Electronic Games, August 1993 Info/download page -
  8. JohnSmith

    JohnSmith's Work in Progress

    I just noticed that my thread for posting my work has been archived, so I'll start a new one. Is it not possible to "unarchive it" so I can have one thread for all of my work? Fusion, August 1995 Info/download page - Fusion, January 1996 Info/download page -
  9. JohnSmith

    marktrade's work in progress

    Great job on scanning Next Generation magazines, marktrade. I'd easily recommend rescanning any issue you have. As for me, I've only uploaded four Next Generation magazines: May, June, July and September of 1996. All of the rest are from someone else, so those comparison pictures you're showing aren't from my scan. The issues I scanned were to fill in holes of digital collections I've come across, and they're all posted in my upload thread (I haven't done anything in a good while, due to other projects). I had plans of going back and redoing some of the posted NextGen mags, because their quality is generally poor/average, but when you're using a flatbed scanner those large Next Generation magazines are very daunting. Also, I wasn't aware of using a heatgun to separate pages (I actually have a heatgun I could use, oddly enough). I use an exacto knife and try to cut as near as I can to the edge of the page. I've noticed my uploads are better than most for preserving edges in comparison, but your method has really produced the best two-page spreads. Is there any trick to using the heatgun? You just point it at the bind until you can tear the pages away? As far as color and editing on my issues, I use the standard setting from the scanner, then snip the ends of the level chart to make the blacks and whites closer to black and white. Color is a tricky issue, and I generally don't mess with it. I find the blacks and whites more important since it makes text easier to read.
  10. JohnSmith

    marktrade's work in progress

    I think that the only way that I'd be able to get one of these machines is if a company was liquidating or closing and just gave it away. i really love the idea of having one and being able to preserve magazines quickly and efficiently.
  11. JohnSmith

    marktrade's work in progress

    God, this output is incredible. It can take me a full day to do one magazine based on the flatbed method. How expensive was your feed scanner so I can easily know that I'll never be able to get one?
  12. JohnSmith

    My first magazine scan

    Hey marktrade, this is a great scan! I was worried about the quality of a feed scanner based on what I've seen in the past, but this is clearly good quality, and done at a high resolution. I think it's great you're doing this, and I would really recommend continuing on with the project and preserving whatever magazines you have on hand. As for resolution, I personally do it around 300 dpi, but anything between 300 and 600 DPI is what we should be scanning at. Most everyone has large hard drives and access to high speed internet, so file size isn't as much of a problem anymore. Also, if anyone does want a smaller package, they could just repackage a larger DPI themselves.
  13. JohnSmith

    JohnSmith's work in progress

    I made a scan of the Final Fantasy VII Versus strategy guide, which you can see here: It's a very well regarded and expensive guide, so it was a goal of mine to make a free scan of it. Right now, there's no place for this, as the Versus strategy guide section is empty on the site. I have two other versus guides that I previously uploaded to, the Resident Evil 2 & 3 guides, which are also not hosted on this site yet. I don't have the ability to add them, so someone else would have to make listings for them.
  14. JohnSmith

    Thinking of getting a ScanSnap iX500

    I'm just reading this thread now, but I'd like to say that I'm dedicated to scanning the missing issues of Next Generation magazine. I do it from a flatbed in a good quality and host the files as CBRs on Internet Archive. Depending on the quality that you get from a feed scanner, I'm assuming it's less, especially if you don't edit the results in Photoshop. The magazines will come some day. I wish I could be doing it more right now, but I have two major projects that trump it, so it might be a year or so before I can really have a consistent scanning schedule.
  15. JohnSmith

    JohnSmith's work in progress

    Electronic Games, March 1993 Infopage - CBR file -