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  1. KiwiArcader's Work In Progress

    Hey Kiwi, something to look out for. There are multiple vol. 1s. In fact, the first Magazine of every year is vol. 1. So it might be better to name it "1998/vol.1" or something to prevent confusion later
  2. Just giving an update. Right now I've been going through each magazine one by one since this is likely the last time I'll be able to personally do this, but I found out two of the issues have demo discs that I never sent to a game dumper. After I get these dumped, my plan is still to mail them all to Kiwi. I also have Nintendo Dream 83-105 too that I would also like to send as I would also like those scanned if possible. Also, if possible, I have 4 Japanese Skies of Arcadia strategy guides I would also like to have scanned. You don't have to edit these for PDF format if you don't have the time as I know enough about image editing to do that myself, but is it ok if I also send those your way to have scanned? I can debind those with a clothe iron myself since cutting them with a knife may ruin the scan quality...
  3. 2000 mags in your basement?!?! What the heck!!! You don't think it'd be more imperative to scan the magazines in the basement that have never been archived than a magazine that has been archived (though in a quality lower than people here apparently want them to be o.O)?!?! Anyway, I have about a dozen Japanese Nintendo Dream magazines that you can scan if you want, which are glue bound. I don't mind these being thrown away except two specific issues, if you'd like to scan those at all.
  4. The Japanese Dreamcast Magazine is staplebound actually, I am and was always still ok with letting the collection go after I mailed it. I just wasn't sure what was going to happen to them AFTER they've all been scanned. If KiwiArcader is content in keeping the magazines indefinitely after sending them their way, that's totally fine, but if they were gonna throw it away after being scanned... I almost feel like we'd almost be losing a historic artifact if they were thrown away, which is why I suggested a video game museum after they were scanned.
  5. I meant I may be okay footing the bill to be the it to New Zealand and then afterwards, foot the bill to get it mailed to some vg museum. right now I know that's idealistic thinking.
  6. Yea I know, I'm sure once I actually see the logistics I'll get scared and have second thoughts lol. If I send the whole shebang I probably won't want it back, but perhaps it can be donated to a vg museum if they want cut up pages, which I may also be ok footing the bill. I think when I bought them off yahoo auctions Japan it was about $500 per box for shipping to the US, and there were 2 boxes so $1000?
  7. Just a heads up right now I'm leaning towards sending the whole shebang to KiwiArcader. Before that though, I'm thinking of getting about 120 plastic sleeves so that when it's debinded each magazine can at least be together in their own plastic sleeve. question, though: will the pages actually be cut up, or is it only the staple that will be removed?
  8. WHy do you have to live in New Zealand, KiwiArcader :( anyway I'll try to work out the logistics sometime this month. Thanks for the interest guys. Not sure why people here aren't satisfied with the resolution of the scans on the retrocdn site, they look totally fine to me O_O
  9. Ok, so, with these in mind: I'm okay with the books being debinded You can optionally scan the whole shebang, but unless you're willing to commit to that task, you'll only scan the remaining unscanned issues If you're only scanning the unscanned issues, then I would like them sent back, so I can perhaps each in their own plastic sleeve or something If you want to commit to the scanning the whole thing, even though a majority of the collection is already scanned, then I'm willing to let go of this collection, though I feel that time would be better spent on scanning magazines that have yet to be scanned Is there anyone who is willing to scan and fill in the blanks of the missing Japanese Official Dreamcast Magazines? Please contact me here or email me at if you are willing.
  10. If there is someone who is willing to commit to doing a rescan of the whole collection at a higher resolution than the scans that currently exist, even if it means debinding the whole collection, I think I'd be okay with that and not wanting the collection back, but because there's a collection of scans already I do not feel this is as imperative as filling in the blanks. I would like to get into contact with the original scanner of the collection that is currently on the net to make sure if they just held off on releasing those scans or if they just don't have them, but I'm having trouble tracking them down.
  11. My previous post is still hidden for some reason. Anyway, buying the magazine off of yahoo auctions Japan, good luck with that, you might find a lone issue every now and then but it took about a decade of consistent watching before a complete collection appeared.
  12. Actually, when I wrote my original post years ago, I was not okay with it being debinded, but now I am fine with it as long as it can be put back together in a sleeve or package or something (not necessarily has to be stapled back together). I feel like the debinding of a magazine to at least digitally preserve it is more valuable than keeping as is and potentially losing the chance to have something like this scanned.
  13. I don't mind the costs, as this is a rare opportunity to accomplish this so i'm willing to foot the bill, if someone could direct me to her Username or contact info, please let me know (I will also try to track this person down, but not sure if I'll find her)
  14. Hello, I'm back. I'm looking to get rid of my collection sometime within the next couple months as I can no longer afford the space to keep these. I will probably either sell them or donate them to a videogame museum at some point, but before that happens I was wondering if anyone would like to scan certain specific issues, mainly the ones that haven't been scanned yet. As can be seen on, a majority of them have been scanned. However, as denoted by a note on said page, the following issues do not have scans If anyone would like to scan these missing issues, please contact me here or at my email address Thanks!
  15. So I own the entire Japanese Dreamcast Magazine save for 1999 Vol.23, and 2001 Vol.8 is missing its cover. I reckon there's roughly 110 issues here. I feel like these should be scanned, but the sheer amount of work necessary to scan all of these deters me from wanting to do so, I imagine that's like half a year of work with my current know-how of scanning and tools. Has anyone ever had success funding their own venture into scanning something of this volume? Or is there someone here of good standing that these can be sent to in order to scan all these? I know it's selfish, but due to the sheer amount of effort on my part I don't really want to scan these myself without some crowdfunding/donation effort to compensate for that time (and programs and technology I'd have to purchase), though I have no quips about sending these to someone else to scan these if that's their passion as long as they have a good reputation and mail them back