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  1. G4 Tech TV - Icons series

    I uploaded all of season 2 to myspleen.cc if you want an invite pm me.
  2. Vipeers Torrent Seeding

    I just came across this site that lets you upload a file and will seed it for free for 3 months. After you create the torrent you can upload it to all the public torrent sites. The only problem I see is that I think you can only upload 1 file per torrent so you'd have to zip a full year if you did it that way. Here's a little more info: http://torrentfreak.com/vipeers-intoduces-...hosting-081103/ http://www.vipeers.com/ invite code: TORRENTFREAK888
  3. Just saw this on digg and thought some of you might want to see it: Next Wii channel could be Nintendo Power
  4. Nintendo Power For $4

    Saw this at Fatwallet and though some of you might want to get it. http://www.fatwallet.com/t/18/697289
  5. Icons Season 2 G4tv Dvds

    I sent you an invite. Just so you know the PC Gaming episode freezes about half way through and you have to fast forward through it.
  6. Commuter Cars

    The one that goes 0-60 in 4 seconds costs $108,000 and those things look dangerous. Don't think i'd be buying one anytime soon.
  7. Okay, I Need Some More Help!

    edit: wrong forum
  8. Okay, I Need Some More Help!

    If your running XP right click on the desktop click properties screen saver tab click the button that says power. Make sure your power scheme is set to home/office and system standby and hibernate is set to never. Not sure if that's what it is or not though.
  9. Your Vehicle

    I have a 2000 Tacoma 4x4
  10. Please Seed 1988 & 1989 Full Year Torrents

    I quit seeding all the old releases when the big torrent came out. http://www.mininova.org/tor/308523
  11. Detox Clinic For Video Addicts

    Early 60's, not sure exactly how old.
  12. Detox Clinic For Video Addicts

    Nope, not joking. She sometimes stays up till 5am playing. All old nes games emulated on gamecube. Zelda 1, bomberman, tetris mostly right now i think. She used to play mario 1 and friday the 13th all the time too.
  13. Detox Clinic For Video Addicts

    My mom needs to go to video game detox. She must play games 10+ hours a day usually the same 4 or 5 games over and over.
  14. The Big Torrent: How Much Can You Seed?

    I have really crappy isdn at home. I'm running the torrent from one of my dedicated servers on a 100mbit line.
  15. The Big Torrent: How Much Can You Seed?

    Up to 500GB now.