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  1. Just drove 53 minutes to a client's house to install a cyan ink cartridge into a printer. At some point in my career path it has to be cheaper or yield a higher profit to send a more junior tech to these types of visits 😂

    1. kitsunebi


      I just clicked on your profile by accident and noticed you've got all sorts of messages like this one written on your profile page.  Huh.  I've never seen any indication that these sorts of posts even existed. 

      Good lord...is this what is called a "status update"?  I just noticed on the leaderboard you've got 8,818 of them...which is 8,818 more than the zero I've got.😂

      Do people who follow you get a notification for this kind of post?  Or is it like posting to a twitter account with no followers?

      I always assumed the forums were dead quiet around here, but maybe everyone is just posting secret posts on their own profiles?😅

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