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  1. Er...I know that the complete run of CGW is available at the CGW Museum, but if PC Gamer is common, could you direct me to a site where I might locate them? There's only one issue preserved here and only six issues published before the current 2001 cut-off that are available at KiwiArcader's website. It's my favorite magazine, and while I have quite a lot of them boxed away in storage, I'd be ecstatic to learn that digital copies are out there waiting to be downloaded.
  2. Thank you! I like videogames as much as the next guy, but it's the PC game mags that I hold nearest and dearest. This is awesome.
  3. I've lived in too many places in the US to call any of them home, but for the past 8 years have lived in Japan. My first gaming system was the Commodore Vic20, but it was the NES and Nintendo Power that turned me into a game mag connoisseur. I don't own any consoles newer than the X-Box/PS2/Gamecube generation, so I guess that makes me primarily a retrogamer at this point, although I'll play the occasional newer PC game from time to time. I don't remember when I first discovered this site (and a few others hosting mag downloads), but the over 360GB of gaming mags I've got saved on my HDD should tell you that I'm very grateful such sites exist!
  4. Am I to assume that anything not listed as "acquired" is currently not in the hands of any scanners/editors? Because if so, then yes, I have quite a few issues. I can't give exact numbers since I don't have anything accessible at the moment, but it's definitely over 100 issues of various mags (although I've gotta admit I'm not sure I could bring myself to part with my collection of PC Gamers, which I value more than any of the others.) Of course, as I said, this is all moot for at least another year, since it's unlikely I'll be back in America until next Xmas at the earliest, but maybe having a year to come to terms with it will make the parting easier ^_^;
  5. As a kid, NP was great since there were so many screenshots and maps that even though I couldn't afford to actually BUY the games, I could play them in my imagination (sad but true). Once I was old enough to buy my own games, reviews became the most important part of game magazines to me, so I left NP behind, as I never found their reviews to be worthwhile.
  6. It's all contextual. The original review presents an impression of the game within the context of the gaming industry up to that point in time. The retro review has the benefit of hindsight - being able to better appreciate where a game fits within the greater narrative of game design and how it may have influenced games that came afterward. Both should be accurate to the time they were written, but not vice versa. Not all games with great reviews from 20 years ago are still going to be entertaining to a current reviewer when taken out of the historical context of their original release date. Most retro reviews take this into consideration (no one is going to slam an older game for looking more primitive than a modern game, for example), although there is a danger that nostalgia will unfairly influence a modern reviewer's opinions. I like reading both types of reviews, keeping in mind the context in which they were written.
  7. Unfortunately I already deleted the original files. But I might be able to do one better. I've got lots of unscanned mags that are all being held in storage in America, so unfortunately I only have access to them when I visit about once a year (shipping costs aside, I simply don't have the space to store them where I live). For this reason, digital copies are far more useful to me, and that's what prompted me to scan this issue when I was home over the holidays. I quickly realized, however, that I don't want to spend my vacation time scanning magazines, so one issue was all I managed ^_^ If I could receive some guarantee that my mags would get lovingly scanned and uploaded by the fine people who contribute to this site, I'd strongly consider parting with my collection the next time I have access to it (I'm back home now, unfortunately). After all, they aren't doing ME any good languishing away in storage.
  8. Here's another (hopefully) more permanent link: https://mega.nz/#!gVolxARb
  9. I scanned my copy of Game Player's Nintendo Guide 32 (Holiday 1991) and edited it together on a whim, so it probably isn't up to the exacting standards of this site, but for anyone who wants a readable copy, it should be good enough. I don't have a nice scanner (no descreen filter), nor do I really have much patience (as I discovered doing this scan), so I'll probably not be doing this again, but for anyone who's interested, here it is: https://userscloud.com/x1o328kt09uz (I don't have an account with userscloud, so the file will go inactive pretty quickly with inactivity. Feel free to grab it and place it elsewhere if you wish. If it disappears before anyone grabs it, let me know where else I should upload it.)
  10. Awesome, roushimsx! I used to own that first issue and then years ago foolishly ripped it apart, saving only certain articles "in order to save space." (Thankfully sanity reasserted itself before I destroyed any of the rest of my PC Gamers.) Your scan also answered a burning question that I've had for years: what was PC Gamer's predecessor? I recall having a subscription to something which was canceled, and my remaining subscription was then transfered over to PC Gamer, but I couldn't remember the name of the mag. Turns out it was Game Player's PC Entertainment (which isn't listed on this site). I'd love to get ahold of any issues of that as well, since I apparently tossed all of those back in the day.
  11. It started over 20 years ago and it's really the 90s issues I'm most interested in anyway, so I'm not so concerned about the cutoff date. Kiwiarcader, do you mind telling me where I can find your website that you mentioned? I have tons of old PC Gamers but they're all boxed up in long-term storage (in another country no less) so I haven't been able to access them in years. I'm dying to get ahold of digital copies of any that I can.
  12. Just wondering if there is any chance of PC Gamer getting scanned at some point? The Computer Gaming World Museum is an amazing resource, including the complete run of the magazine...and yet PC Gamer, CGW's main competetor (and in my opinion, the better of the two), remains almost completely unscanned (well, anything old enough to be kosher here, anyway). Lack of interest? Resources?
  13. Thanks to donators and scanners both! Epecially excited for mags like this one that feature PC games!
  14. That would be awesome! I found that I could search downloads by year and get a list of magazines from that year with download links, but the links to the issues that show up in the search are all broken, so I would then have to navigate to the issue in question via the "magazines" tab. Less time-consuming, but still a hassle. I own a ton of older computer and video game mags, but unfortunately they're all locked up in storage (in another country, no less), so I can't currently access them. I've been trying to recreate (and expand) my collection digitally, but so many of the mags I own don't seem to be available anywhere.
  15. Viewing the covers is nice, but as of yet there doesn't seem to be a way to know if the mag can be downloaded except by clicking on each individual issue. Considering what a small percentage of the mags listed on the site are actually downloadable, discovering them is extremely time consuming. Is there any way to browse only magazines which have download links?
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