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  1. I'm sometimes glad for Cobain that he didn't live to see the late 90s.
  2. So long as they don't start making retro-style games that emulate the look of 32-bit PS1 3D graphics. 8-bit and 16-bit graphics look just as good as they always did, but 32-bit polygons are hideous to behold through modern eyes. It was an entire generation of games saddled with janky cameras, polygon clipping, and draw-in. Not the sort of stuff you want to re-create on purpose.
  3. These days, I prefer the extended story arcs possible in TV series to movies. I'd definitely pick that, or comics, over games. Games are a luxury I only allow myself when I have an abundance of free time (since I'm a teacher, that means I usually only play games during breaks in the school year.)
  4. Devicereign is a dating sim for the Sega Saturn developed by Starlight Mary and published by MediaWorks exclusively in Japan. Released: (JP) February 25, 1999 Kiss Yori... is a dating sim for tyhe Sega Saturn developed and published by Kid exclusively in Japan Released: (JP) March 18, 1999 Ryouko no Oshaberi Room is a dating sim for the Sega Saturn developed and published by Datam Polystar exclusively in Japan Released: (JP) April 22, 1999