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  1. Btw, I ripped those jpgs out of the PDF using Photoshp, but that isn't actually necessary. Anyone can download all of your individual pages as jpgs directly from the Internet Archive, if they want: I understand if you simply prefer PDF as the software for viewing your files. Kiwi likes using PDF viewers which is why Oldgamemags uses that format. I just want to make it clear that uploading PDFs to the Internet Archive is not somehow making your files any more secure than if they were CBRs.
  2. I'm still not sure I understand you completely. It seems you want to promote your scans in the Retromags forums and ask for help from other Retromags members, but you don't want your magazines shared at Retromags - is that right? If you really want to only share PDFs, you could ask Oldgamemags to host your files, since they prefer PDFs over there (you'd have to remove them from the Internet Archive, though, since they don't allow their files to be shared anywhere else.) Although again, I'm not sure why you think PDF would make individual pages any more secure.
  3. OK, maybe new members can't edit existing pics (there would be a gear-shaped icon in the top-right of the screen if you could.) New members definitely CAN upload new pics, though. I'm not sure if I understand you here or not. If you're saying that you only want to publish PDFs, then you won't be able to share them here. PDFs are an inconvenient format that Retromags avoids using. As for your second point, anyone can easily steal PDF pages page by page as well - it just requires a secondary program to do so, so I'm not sure I understand your reservations. For that matter, anyone can steal entire magazines even easier. In fact, your PDFs have almost definitely ALREADY been stolen and uploaded somewhere other than the Internet Archive - that's just the way it is, unfortunately. People steal Retromags scans all the time - most of them are available at the Internet Archive, and WE certainly didn't put them there. One site I won't name copies and uploads our files within days (sometimes hours) of us uploading them here. The only way to keep people from stealing files is to never upload them in the first place, sadly.
  4. Briefly looking at your scans, they look like they could very quickly be edited for Retromags. The only problem is on the gutter side of each page, where the staple holes are often visible and sometimes the crop is not perfect. But that's an easy fix using Photoshop - just using a box select along that edge of the page and performing a content-aware fill should fix most of the pages. The only problem is that you've uploaded your files as PDFs. That means that we can't access the jpgs to perform the necessary edits (nor could we upload them here.) If you have the original jpgs files you used to create the PDFs, then fixing everything to add them to Retromags should be quite simple.
  5. Even new members with zero posts should be able to upload to the gallery (but their upload will have to be approved by a moderator).
  6. I haven't downloaded your magazines but I'm curious - are they not up to Retromags's quality standards? Because if they are, I think adding them to Retromags' download section makes a lot more sense than just posting about them in the forums. If you think the quality is good enough, why not ask a mod to look them over for approval? Likewise, you are able to add or update gallery images yourself. If you have a cover we're missing, please save it at around 1920px high and upload it to the gallery. If you have a better scan of a cover already in the gallery, replace the old one by clicking "edit details" and then "upload new image."