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  1. 1 minute ago, chelo said:

    thanks for that great job, is amazing to watch the first magazine in his own glory

    Thanks.  Unfortunately, as stated in the item description, it's only a scan of a reproduction copy that's half the size (height/width) of the real magazine.  And the reproduction quality wasn't perfect either.  But it's unlikely that anyone will want to debind and scan such a valuable magazine, so it'll have to do.🙂  Luckily, our other issues are the real deal.

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  2. Thanks, Akane.   For anyone who's already downloaded the magazine and just wants to add the one missing page, here it is, re-sized and renamed so that it can be inserted into your file.  Just remove the "missing page" file and add this one:!hVRXRCzQ!C4m3TUlKB21A7mgz1TPK6TTdAZv6SU3Xg6IdTYxXfww

    I'll re-upload the file with the missing page included, but there's nothing different other than this single page, so no need to re-download the entire thing.

  3. CGW (1981) had a 13 year head start on PC Gamer, so for a loooong time they were unquestionably the best USA computer game publication, although the first 6 or 7 years may as well have been called Wargaming World, to be honest.  And of course there was very little/no coverage  of the PC during those years, so I have only passing interest in most of those early issues, outside of coverage of games that were later ported to PC that I've heard of/played.

    CGW was definitely a solid read, but the thing that really held it back (in my opinion) was how dry the presentation was.  For the longest time, the only color inside of a CGW was the advertisements.  And even well into the early 90s, CGW was relatively light on screenshots and was the poster boy of bland layout and design.  Ironically, though, once CGW began looking a little more hip by the late 90s, it also lost a bit of what made it stand out, in my opinion.

    Still, all and all, a great mag, and although I prefer (early) PC Gamer, CGW is definitely the more historically important mag.

    I really can't stand almost every article written by Scorpia, though.<_<

  4. I'm pretty sure that even in the most conservative backwaters of America, mild swearing is not enough to force a magazine into an adult section.  But you're right that they didn't really do enough to carve out their own niche in the market.

    One has but to look at a PC gaming mag from the same era to see what a magazine aimed at a more mature audience is like.  Not because it has more swear words or half-naked girls, but rather actual editorial content and helpful reviews.  A typical review in a video game mag is usually  2 or 3 short paragraphs at most combined with numerous screenshots and almost never takes up more than a single page.  A typical PC game review is often at least two pages of densely packed text where it's the reviewer's job to tell you all the reasons why a game is good or bad, rather than let screenshots or a simple list of bullet points do the talking for them. 

    This issue of Ultimate Gamer, as I pointed out above, apparently decided to let the screenshots do ALL the talking, and didn't even bother with writing reviews at all, which to me, completely negates anything else they might do to try to reach more mature readers.  Later issues correct this to some degree, falling more or less in line with a typical video game mag, but to be honest, the only video game mag I've ever seen that actually seemed like it was written for adults was Next Generation.

  5. 3 hours ago, TOLUST said:

    I have already downloaded this before from Retromags.. what's new with this version ?

    Nothing.  The download disappeared from the site for unexplained reasons, and once we realized it was missing, it had to be reuploaded.  It's the same file as before.

  6. Thanks for the scan!

    It's interesting how incredibly short this magazine is.  It's from the same people doing EGM, but while the Aug.1991 issue of EGM is 132 pages for $3.95, this mag is only 32 pages for $2.95?  32 pages seems more like a free insert than a full magazine.  If you don't count the ads, it's only 22 pages long.  Weird.

  7. 2 hours ago, jdjenkins83 said:

    Pages 50-67 are missing.

    Looking at the table of contents, everything seems to be there, though the page numbers are different.  To further clarify what may have happened, here's a quote from Retrodefense's writeup on that issue's database page:


    (This issue's cover refers to 'Exclusive Pix of New & Improved Atari Lynx' coverage, but no such coverage is presented in this issue. Also, page numbering seems to indicate pages 50-67 to be missing. These discrepancies are probably related to the 'Atari Adventure' insert printed in EGM #21 - in all likelihood, it was originally intended to be printed in this issue.)

    So, as far as we know, no pages are missing.

  8. 9 minutes ago, Areala said:

    Don't care. I'm already pawing through it with my grubby...uh...eyeballs, trying mightily to decipher everything in the short article on "Kamaitachi no Yoru" because sound novels for the win! :)

    Don't forget the weird Shin Megami Tensei II strategy section that appears to be done in the form of a conversation between 5 party members.  Or maybe you're only into the Persona side of the series?  I have no idea, I'm just talking.:lol:

  9. Not to spoil it for you, but although there is some FF6 in the issue, the main reason it's given such a huge font on the cover (aside from selling copies by hyping the #1 game at the time) was due to the inclusion of a supplement which apparently covered the final dungeon of the game.  Unfortunately, this supplement wasn't included with my copy.  The mag itself was thrown in as a freebie with an auction lot of a different magazine.

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  10. 1 minute ago, Redsyrup said:

    Another beautiful scan. Thanks so much Eday! The cover is absolutely gorgeous. I hope some day emulator filters can capture a tenth of how great crts with burning phosphors looked. Thank you!

    To be clear, this wasn't scanned by E-Day.  It's an excerpt from the Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 6 scan.  Unfortunately, no one is credited with that scan, so it's hard to say who actually scanned it.  I wasn't around at the time, but from what I understand, years ago during a software upgrade, all data on who had scanned what was lost.  While some of those credits have been restored, others have not (such as EGM #6). 

    If anyone does know who scanned this issue, please let us know and we can restore the scanning/editing credits.

  11. After being totally lazy about it for the past several years, I've recently started actively studying the language again (natural acquisition only gets you so far).  Even so, I'm a long way off from wanting to try my hand at translating something so huge.  And if you're looking for a super-accurate translation, forget it.  It's pretty much impossible to "translate" Japanese to English (and vice versa, I would imagine), since there are ways of thinking and speaking that simply don't carry over.  I've had people hand me something in Japanese before and ask for an English translation, only to be frustrated when I have to tell them, "Look, we simply would never say this in English - I'm going to have to re-write it in a way that sounds natural while getting the general idea across."  Which is adaptation, and in my opinion, a far more important part of the process than translation (although granted, translation is the starting point.)

    It sounds like in the case of Divi Dead, though, they went beyond "adaptation" and into drunken Mad-Libs territory in a few places.:)

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  12. Well, like I said, I haven't played the game, so I have no idea what is actually said in that scene.  A quick google search shows a post from someone claiming that the actual translation is something like "That's a bit underhanded, don't you think?" so I assume the translators were either very bored or very high at the time they worked on that scene.

  13. 6 minutes ago, Areala said:

    The translator(s) also took some liberties with other parts of the text, either in an attempt to freshen things up or just to be weird. In the English version, there's a location called "Kaori Gardens", but in the Japanese version this is just the school's entryway and it not only isn't called that, but it doesn't have a name period. A lot of the sex talk is clearly being ad-libbed in the text too. Not sure how you get "Pound me harder!" from a voice sample that is nothing more than a long moan, but... :)

    Sex talk in all eroge is best ignored/turned off, in my opinion.  It just makes everything far too comical for my taste, imagining someone in real life vocalizing and describing literally every single thing that is being done to them. 

    It reminds me of how comic books used to be, where the supervillain would say to the hero, "By using my Sooperdooper Incrediblaster Freezegun, see how easily I render you immobile as I encase your legs in ice!" accompanied by a panel of the supervillain using his Sooperdooper Incrediblaster Freezegun to render the hero immobile by encasing his legs in ice.

    It's like they don't realize they're working in a visual medium.:lol:

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  14. 3 minutes ago, Areala said:

    Golly, I wonder who she could be? Hopefully she, uh, they find it so that person can enjoy reading it in the privacy of her own room... ;)

    You know, I've never actually played Divi Dead, but in my head I always pronounced it "Dee-vee" Dead.  It wasn't until looking closely at the preview in this issue that I noticed the katakana, which reveals what I assume to be a rather clever English pun, "Dee-vai" Dead, or "Divided."  I could be wrong, of course (not about the pronunciation, but about the pun).  The Japanese LOVE puns, but that particular pun would require a mastery of English that very few people would have.

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  15. 5 hours ago, samuraip said:

    Thanks a ton for this! I hope all the issues of Mega Play get upped eventually - I remember being so happy when I saw a new Mega Play on the magazine shelves of my local store :)

    As the file description says, this isn't a new scan but is simply pages 35-56 of Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 6, which has been available here for some time.  It was extracted and given a separate release here for the benefit of anyone only interested in Sega coverage or anyone interested in seeing what might be considered the prototype for Mega Play magazine, which launched 10 months later.

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  16. I found an online reference to this same hint book at (where someone had posted scans of the pages on photobucket.) 


    I found this hint book when I was checking some of the boxes of Tomb Raider games that I purchased from ebay. This one was in a TR "Game of the Year" Gold box, but I don't know if it was included when it was originally purchased or if the person threw it in there when they sold me the game. It was not in the 3 other boxes of the same game that I bought. I scanned the whole thing if anyone is interested.

    So it might have come with Tomb Raider Gold.  Or it might not have :lol:

  17. Oh yeah, forgot to mention: While the rest of the mag is presented western style, the comic in the back is presented Japanese style, meaning it should be read from back to front, right to left. This means that the firs page of the comic is the last interior page of the magazine. Since no one is going to be reading their cbr file backwards, I rearranged the pages in the correct order (the panels should still be read from right to left, of course.) So don't be confused by the printed page numbers that seem to be going backwards.

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