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  1. Whether or not he's still got the rest of that issue in a bag, I think we all know that he's got the Fred Durst ad pinned to his wall.
  2. LOL how does this even happen? Personally, I think it's insane that some people debind piles of magazines before they start to scan any of them (and sometimes the wait between debinding and scanning is so long they forget they even prepped them). That's just begging for pages to get misplaced or mixed up. I don't debind anything until I'm ready to scan it, and I never debind multiple things at once. Much safer that way.
  3. Of course, although I don't know how many people care about discs full of Win95 demos that can't be run on a modern OS.
  4. I was wondering why they decorated the disc with coffee beans until I noticed the clitorises. I already threw the disc in the trash, but after pasting the pic into this post, I noticed the line on the bottom of the disc which says "*Please be careful with products similar to coffee beans"