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  1. I've covered it either here or in another recent thread, but when a high profile site like the Internet Archive engages in piracy, it has the real effect of hurting smaller sites like this one. We are so small as to escape most legal notice. But a site like the Internet Archive can attract litigation from copyright holders, as has happened in the past, which then forces us to hide or remove files as well in order to protect ourselves. So claiming that a site like that ignoring legality is harmless simply isn't true.
  2. It could cost 10 zillion dollars and wouldn't change the fact that their employees are paid to upload other peoples' stuff without permission (and remember, in the case of things like magazine scans, without any legal right to do so.)
  3. No one but the Internet Archive. It's a "non-profit" company with a $10 million per year income. Last I checked, neither I nor anyone else at Retromags, Oldgamemags, or anywhere else producing new scans is being paid a salary to do so. Yet everyone working for the Internet Archive is being paid, some of them for the specific purpose of uploading other peoples' efforts. So that's why it pisses me off when they upload anything I personally scanned. The only things I upload there have no identifiable scanner. They can't be uploaded here due to our rules, but the Internet Archive essentially has no rules, making the easiest place to upload them since its the most high profile, completely unrestricted forum for hosting pirated material.