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    Gaming magazine references

    Got the first one myself! (10 points to me!) It's actually in the May 1993 issue of GamePro magazine, issue 46, page 16. It still might be in EGM somewhere, but definitely not the May 1993 issue of EGM.
  2. According to Internet lore, the prototype arcade game "Looney Tunes: By a Hare" appeared in the May 1993 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly on page 222. However, according to the scans made available by Retromags.... I've checked it quickly and there is no page 222 nor is there mention of the game within the scan... +10 Internet points to whoever tracks down where this was actually found and scanned from. Perhaps a different issue of EGM? According to a few other people online, Xexex (arcade) was supposedly called "Orius" in an early 90's issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly. This is interesting because Konami really did trademark the word, and it appears that the USA region of Xexex (likely called "version UAA") was likely never released to arcades. +10 Internet points to the person who tracks down exactly which issue this was, on which page. Thanks, guys.
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