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    Need help finding a Magazine...

    This may seem a bit odd but a few people I've come across know what I'm talking about (and at least one other person mentioned it around the internet through google searching) but some time during the 90's there was a magazine that provided either one page or a double spread of Bowser's head on a dinner plate, with his tongue sort of hanging out and him looking dead as can be with what appeared to be blood at the base of the head. I have been searching nonstop, going through 1995-1999 Nintendo Power and found nothing there (which is what one person assumed this page belonged to). I just have no idea what magazine it's seems too morbid for Nintendo, so I'm thinking either GamePro, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Game Informer or even Playstation Magazine. The reason I'm searching for it is nostalgia .__.; already thanks to this site, I found a couple magazines that originally introduced me to some series (such as one of the Gamepros which showed an article on Resident Evil 2, my first introduction to the series before I finally started playing in 2002). I also want to show some friends this somewhat disturbing artwork. All the details I can muster on it, hopefully someone knows which magazine it was in (specifically the issue as well .__. . 1-2 Page spread (well it wasn't a spread perse, more or less it covered two pages) Bowser's head on a dinner plate, what appears to be blood at the base of the head Tongue hanging out, eyes slightly open Appears to be a candlelit dinner It was some sort of CG artwork, actually quite a bit realistic. I believe there was reflection in the blood from the light. Sort of similar to the CG artwork Nintendo was churning out around the time Super Mario 64 came out but from what I remember, it looked better than that. Just seems so odd but it also makes me wonder - what the heck was it advertising in the first place? Haha...I hope someone here can help me, this is an amazing site and has been a great database of nostalgic material.
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    Need help finding a Magazine...

    Yeah it sounds like a "Mario Killer", just wondering who it would have been...Spyro? Eh...just throwing out a guess here. Thank you as well for your help =)
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    Need help finding a Magazine...

    Thank you kindly =) hoping it's somewhere in those adverts.