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  1. MetalJuggalo

    Areala Asks: Again For The First Time (20160919)

    Well... with that explanation that clears it up not only for just CarnEvil... but 2 other games I was wondering about (The Grid and INVASION : The Abductors)
  2. MetalJuggalo

    Areala Asks: Your Intro Theme (20160919)

    I grew up with it ... Emulated it.... so i guess it's natural I'd go with the nWo Wolfpac theme ^_^ (Not to mention while in marching band we got to actually play a band version for it... the one lone cool moment in a very bad four year stretch)
  3. MetalJuggalo

    Primal Rage

    Ah memories! it was one of the 1st video games i got to play when i was young and at a cousin's house.... I think i was 3.... i can remember just mashing the A, B and C buttons and repeatedly calling the Dinosaurs (Especially Diablo) "Angry Barney" and its on the list of games ill try to snag again
  4. MetalJuggalo

    New 2D Sonic game - Sonic Mania - announced

    Honestly i havent been this happy for a new Sonic game since Sonic Generations.... hopefully we'll see more of these (in terms of quality) and less of the Sonic 06's and Sonic and The Black Knight caliber games of recent ^_^
  5. MetalJuggalo

    Your Biggest Retro-Gaming Mistake

    If i could turn back the hands of time i would have never NEVER EVER had traded my Sega Saturn in High School ... Don't get me wrong i got another Saturn (luckily) some of the games back (NiGHTS into Dreams, Daytona USA, NBA Jam TE, Virtua Fighter 2) some I havent (Astal being a big one) but luckily I learned and also realized the joys of Importing which helps a load (Fighters Megamix, Panzer Dragoon, Panzer Dragoon II Zwei , House of The Dead & Clockwork Knight being the ones coming from overseas)
  6. MetalJuggalo

    What handheld systems do you play?

    I usually play on my smartphone (Usually the Iron Maiden RPG Game or Pokemon Go), Nintendo 3DS (Usually Super Smash Bros) and My Gameboy Advance (I just got my paws on Wario Land 3, Wario Land 4, and Legend Of Zelda : Link's Awakening DX as a bit of birthday gifts)
  7. MetalJuggalo

    Crystal Pepsi

    Oddly enough i tried Crystal Pepsi the other day at one of the Stores here in Spartanburg... It was interesting to say the least
  8. MetalJuggalo

    Areala Asks: Again For The First Time (20160919)

    I think a game id like to experience for the 1st time again is an arcade game that I was slightly baffled that it didn't get a home release : CarnEvil by Midway... Growing up in New Orleans and playing this game at the arcades on halloween had a special feel to it... not to mention it was the 1st Video Game i could remember fully beating (With Help and A roll of Quarters of course!) Sadly ever since moving to Texas (And now to the Carolinas) ... I've never seen that game again.... so in a way if i see it again... it would very well be like playing for the 1st time
  9. MetalJuggalo

    New Release: Six issues of EGM2 (plus two rescans)

    Way to go E-Day! been wanting to see more of EGM 2 ... Thanks!!
  10. MetalJuggalo

    Areala Asks: What's Your Favorite Season?

    Autumn by far (especially when you're living in the southern United States)... You finally get a break from the 100 degree days, the bugs are mostly gone so no more mosquito bites, and Halloween!!
  11. MetalJuggalo

    Games you are currently playing or recently beaten

    Pretty awesome games guys... And a bit of an update since my original posting... I moved east from Texas to South Carolina and for the time being only have my Xbox, N64 , and A few Games for PS1, PS2 and PS3... so while I wait for the rest of the games to get east...I've been investing time into Diddy Kong Racing and Hybrid Heaven for N64, Painkiller : Hell Wars, Crash Bandicoot : The Wrath of Cortex and Tony Hawk's Underground for Xbox , And Blitz : The League for Playstation 2
  12. Ditto here. Put it in Cdisplayex and got "Could Not Open File" Hell i even downloaded it twice
  13. MetalJuggalo

    Where you from?

    I'm from New Orleans... But I live in Central Texas (Not the fun part) .. However i'll be moving to South Carolina soon
  14. MetalJuggalo

    Game Preservation

    Silver lining is that there is some game preservation... between abandonware and a buncha isos over on (those guys are pretty cool) we're taking a step in the right direction... I do however wonder with todays games... how do you preserve em? Maybe by just tossing the GOTY/Complete Editions since... well they're the games with all the DLC on it I suppose.
  15. MetalJuggalo

    M. Night Shyamalan Is Bringing Back Tales From the Crypt

    Im intrigued since he did do the sixth sense ... however his track record since makes me wonder ... either this will end up great and it would be a rival to american horror story... or canned after 6 episodes