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    HAJIMIMASHITE!!! Oops. Well, despite this typo (the very first word printed in the mag - the correct word is hajimemashite), we welcome you nonetheless to another gem from the early days of anime fandom in the West. This issue went through two rounds of edits - one from PirateDragon and one from yours truly (kitsunebi), with an invaluable assist from Areala getting this uploaded while I'm waiting for help getting some login issues straightened out. Enjoy.
  2. Unfortunately I don't have any Protoculture Addicts that late. I scanned the first issue of Anime UK, but I don't have permission to upload it to the miscellaneous section. I'll leave Animerica on the back burner for now.
  3. Nice. I used to get this through import, along with Animerica and Anime UK. I still have some of them boxed up somewhere, fanzines also. I can scan them at some point if they're allowed on here.
  4. Cool, a LaserActive game reviewed, I'll have to check out the other ones. Thanks.
  5. These were all the same magazine, they kept sequentially numbering them through to Dorimaga at least (and I would guess continued with Gemaga). Beep Beep! Mega Drive Sega Saturn Magazine Dreamcast Magazine Dorimaga Gemaga 1984~2012 RIP I think that the first one or two issues of Sega Saturn Magazines were supplements of Beep! Mega Drive.
  6. Actually, neither have the number of issues listed on SegaRetro, just question marks.
  7. Awesome work! These should be all of the double issues from issues 401-737 (via here); 401/402 412/413 421/422 438/439 453/454 464/465 473/474 490/491 505/506 525/526 542/543 557/558 577/578 595/596 609/610 629/630 647/648 662/663 682/683 699/700 714/715 734/735 This is the only issue that I have which hasn't been confirmed in the first post; 1997年01月03日号 No.420 I have a request, Famitsu used to publish annual and semi-annual hardware shipment reports in the Famitsu Express section. We've collated the figures here, along with scans of the reports from years 1992/1993 (#231), 1993/1994 (#287), 1994/1995 (#339), and 1995/1996 (#392). We're missing the report from 1996/1997 ... I think that it should be in the issue with the cover date "1997年06月06日号". Does anybody have this issue, I've been keeping an eye on Yahoo auctions for this issue for ages. We don't have the report from 1997/1998 either, but I'm not sure what issue that is from, but it should be one with a cover date from May or June 1998. I don't know whether they published these prior to 1993 or not. We could also do with scans from the semi-annual reports, but I only know of two issues which contain these; #221 (first half 1992/1993), and cover date "1997年12月26日号" (first half 1997/1998). There are probably others, but I don't know which issues.
  8. Thanks for scanning this, are you planning on scanning any other issues? I have a few issues from this period I could scan, but it would be best to scan issues which others don't have. Incidentally, I have scans of issues 1986-06-20 (Issue 1), and 1990-10-26 which I downloaded from here years ago. They're no longer in the download section. Were they lost when the old host went down, or are they just waiting to be re-uploaded? I think they were originally scanned and uploaded by Chris Covell.
  9. The Games Machine Launched as a bi-monthly title, then switched to monthly soon afterwards.
  10. I think you're missing this magazine from the database. It ran for six issues from July 1995 to January 1996. There's a few issues on Ebay where you can see some covers.
  11. Hello PirateDragon, Welcome to the Retromags Community!