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  1. Game Players issues from 1989 & 1990 really needs the holes filled. I'd really love to see these issues:
  2. Nice, thanks Kiwi !!
  3. @marktrade Yes it really was. M2 would have been the most powerful console of its generation (PS1 / Saturn / N64) and slightly better than a 3DFX Voodoo1 card in graphics. Would've been great if released in late 1996. But by mid 1997 it was showing its age, one of the reasons it was canceled. The early dev kits for Dreamcast were at least 3-4 times more powerful than M2 according to Warp's Kenji Eno who had experience working on both machines, two different versions of D2. Incidentally, the issues of Intelligent Gamer's Fusion report on 3DO's successor chipset to the M2, known as MX. I recall one of the articles stating MX was like M2 on steroids.
  4. Intelligent Gamer's Fusion would be really great.
  5. OMG this is awesome (and Computer Games: Strategy Plus issue 63 as well) thanks KiwiArcader. I used to be really into military flight sims.
  6. Game Players issue 11 - May 1990, and issue 3 - August / September 1989 Also of course, Electronic Game Player issue #2 May/June 1988 and issue #3 July/August 1988
  7. Electronic Gaming Monthly Especially the early months of 1992!
  8. Go E-Day! These are fantastic
  9. Thank you so much E-Day - every magazine is another slice of memories ... of times, places, and games!
  10. Awesome, thanks E-Day. I vote to preserve Super NES Buyer's Guide Issue 11 January 1994 look at some of the contents:
  11. I agree!
  12. I'd love to see some of the Intelligent Gamer and Intelligent Gamer's Fusion magazines, and VG&CE issue 20 September 1990
  13. This the same line of magazines as Intelligent Gamer and Intelligent Gamer's Fusion, correct?
  14. Outstanding! Happy New Year!
  15. Thanks for the update on that one ^ looking forward to it.