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  1. Thanks so much E-Day !! I love Game Players. I'm literally refreshing Retromags every hour to see if Game Players issue 4 (October 1989) has been uploaded.
  2. Oh man, I am just dying to read Game Player's Issue 4 October 1989, and if anyone happens to have it Game Player's issue 3 Aug/Sept 1989.
  3. Great post, and this is the best analogy to use to compare the SuperGrafx with present-day consoles. The GPU in PS4 Pro (4.2 TFlops) is about 2.3 times more powerful than the OG PS4 and PS4 Slim (1.8 TFlops), and has a somewhat faster clocked CPU (2.1 GHz vs 1.6 GHz) The GPU in Xbox One X (6 TFlops) is about 4.5 times more powerful than the OG Xbox One and nearly 4.5x the Xbox One S. The SuperGrafx has twice had a second graphics/video processor, allowing twice the sprites as the PCE/TG-16 and a second background layer. The work RAM was quadrupled from 8k to 32k and the VRAM was doubled from 64k to 128k. The CPU was not any faster. So the leap from the PCE/TG-16 to the SuperGrafx was a bit less than the leap from the PS4 to the PS4Pro and much less than Xbox One to Xbox One X.
  4. I learned about the SuperGrafx from magazines in early 1990. It had released in Japan in November 1989.
  5. I'm looking for the Street Fighter 2 review from this issue, and any full page Fact-File that also might be in there. If anyone could post a scan of this it would be most appreciated!
  6. I'd really like to see issues of Intelligent Gamer and Intelligent Gamer's Fusion.
  7. Same here, I get en error loading the CBZ file.
  8. Some of my favorites: EGM #8 - March 1990.
  9. Game Players issues from 1989 & 1990 really needs the holes filled. I'd really love to see these issues:
  10. Wow, cool. I'm pretty sure it was with issue 32, but can't confirm that 100%
  11. YAAAAAAAYYYYYY iwasright i wasright iwasright about ultima 6, LOL THX Sean, incredible work, as always.
  12. I am going totally just on memory here, but if I recall correctly, EGM #30 has a preview of Ultima VI The False Prophet for SNES, not Ultima IV, as listed in the database entry. Really can't wait to see if I'm wrong or right on that!
  13. Wow, just wow! KiwiArcader, above and beyond the call. Awesome.
  14. That is definitely one issue I have not read since the early-mid 90s. It'll be amazing to read through it again for the first time in 20+ years.
  15. @marktrade Yes it really was. M2 would have been the most powerful console of its generation (PS1 / Saturn / N64) and slightly better than a 3DFX Voodoo1 card in graphics. Would've been great if released in late 1996. But by mid 1997 it was showing its age, one of the reasons it was canceled. The early dev kits for Dreamcast were at least 3-4 times more powerful than M2 according to Warp's Kenji Eno who had experience working on both machines, two different versions of D2. Incidentally, the issues of Intelligent Gamer's Fusion report on 3DO's successor chipset to the M2, known as MX. I recall one of the articles stating MX was like M2 on steroids.
  16. Intelligent Gamer's Fusion would be really great.
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