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  1. If you're lucky enough to find a mall with an arcade, most likely it will be filled mostly with ticket redemption games. Only 6000 tickets for a pencil? Cool, let me spend $27 to win that.
  2. I remember going to Epcot in the mid/late 90's and their Innoventions center was a huge Sega setup with a bunch of Genesis, Saturn and Arcade games set up. Was great.
  3. my bro was pretty good at MK2. He was in a tournament at the mall arcade and got pretty far until a little Asian kid beat him.
  4. You just reminded me of when I used to work at a resort as a kid and always heard this game in the rec area back in the 80's lol. How could I also forget Daytona USA. Loved the multiplayer versions. I would watch people play Dragon's Lair but was too nervous to play it cuz it looked hard. Did anyone go to Chuck E. Cheese as a kid? That place was the bomb in the 80's.
  5. Sad to see arcades gone. Was cool to see how console translations would match up to the arcade version. What games do you remember always playing when you went to an arcade back in the day Tempest Ms. Pacman Digdug Xevious Outrun Turbo Outrun After Burner Super Hangon Terminator 2 pinball Never really played MK in the arcades cuz I stunk at the game.
  6. Some memorable moments Playing a tank game where it was a green unit that had two grip sticks for each player to control the tank. Was an top down view that looked like Atari 2600 graphics. popping pacman into my atart 2600 and thinking "what the hell is this crap?" popping in Super Thunderblade into my new launch day Genesis expecting to play the aracde version that I loved at home, booting it up, getting past the title screen and then thinking "what the hell is this crap?"
  7. so all should be up by next week? el-oh-el
  8. I have so many games for Xbox, 360 and PS4 that I've never played the single player campaign for. Usually buy a game just for the multiplayer portion. Have pretty much all the CoD and Battlefield games that are pretty much "new" since I never played the damn SPC for them! Thought of this today because I preordered CoD:IW for the MW remaster. That will be the first game in a long time that Ill play the SPC for. Waiting to get my projector back from being repaired before I play it though...probably in a week. Ain't nobody got time to play on a spare 42" i'm using for now lol. Maybe that will put me in the mood to finish off the MW, Black Ops and BF series lol.
  9. I looked into all that but don't feel like spending the money and not completely sure how they all work and how to exactly use them or if I'd have to modify my consoles. So I just use EmulationStation on my Retropie'd pi2 with scanline overlay on...looks good enough to me.
  10. 2600 5200 Intellivision Coleco Vision NES SNES GameCube N64 MasterSystem Genesis SegaCD Sega 32X Game Gear GameBoy Lynx Vectrex NeoGeo Saturn Dreamcast Wii WiiU PSP Vita Xbox Xbox 360 PS1 PS2 PS4 Some of those were friend's consoles. I still have my 2600, 5200, Genesis, 32X, Power Base Converter, SegaCD, Saturn, Dreamcast, Xbox, Xbox360, PS2, PSP and PS4 A bunch of 2600 games are in the Falcon and Dynomutt tin lunchbox i used to take to school back in the day lol
  11. Bored and reading old threads. Wow, seems every forum has that one a-hole that thinks he knows it all. Had one on the one forum i'm always on...all he did was butt heads with everyone and was just a miserable person. Worst part was that he was 1 of 3 owners of the forum. The other 2 owners bought him out and kicked him out. Googling this guy FuSoYa but not seeing anything about him. Any update about him in the past 7 years? If its bad to bring threads back from the dead let me know and I wont do it again.
  12. wondering how they'll grab game screen shots in high enough quality to print full bleed pages/spreads without a million jaggies. For illustration purposes on the web its easy but print is another story.
  13. The Poconos...if anyone knows where that is in PA.
  14. I'm on an hour long youtube loop so far watching this guys videos now lol. Good stuff.
  15. I think i did a mortal kombat one to send into Gamepro or was it EGM that had the envelope art? I wish i took a pic of it for memories sake before mailing out.