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  1. Woot...going through some old folders on my PC for backup and had EGM 89 to 94 and 96 complete...1995 had a few missing when i backed them up in Oct 2018...i see they're all here now since 2019-2021 Thanks E-Day and anyone else who posted them up! Jeesh, I'm so late to collecting them all.
  2. Crap, i still have them in a box in my garage...can't remember the exact name but it was one of the Voodoos where you can use 2 in SLI. I miss the days when a top of the line GPU was $300-400. Now we have Nvidia GPU prices outta control again. $2500 for an Asus ROG 4090 lol.
  3. Finally picked up a Sega CDX complete in a clean box in Sept '22 and a Model 2 Sega CD complete in a very nice box in Feb '23....years of searching finally over That pretty much completes collecting all the systems...these were the last 2 on my list to acquire.
  4. Cripes...how has almost 6 years flown by since I posted this mag?
  5. Sorry for the super late reply! The page is called HighEND Game Room
  6. I'm on a facebook group full of super quality collectors/sellers where they buy/sell games for thousands. I have no business being there but I like to see the super high priced items and what the rich folks own.
  7. Yep, i feel like I have to get all the mini/classic consoles...i haven't gotten the TG16 yet though. Thought that would drop in price quickly like the PS and Genesis minis but nope.
  8. I'm so terrible at Ghouls & Ghosts...i can't even make it past the first level lol. I guess I could try harder.
  9. Still need to find a Sega CD Model 2 as clean as my Genesis box...but I'm finding it hard to find something "mint" without costing a fortune. Also, I may never have a CDX in my collection. Not paying those ridiculous prices that are 2K and over and the boxes are not super minty.
  10. I actually "finished" Super Mario Bros for NES but on Switch...and thank God for saves lol.
  11. Yes, i do miss the 90's lol. An easier time of life too.
  12. Retromags Presents Super NES Buyers Guide - Issue 2 MAY 1992 [ Database Entry ] [ Direct Download ]
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Systems Coverage: Super Nintendo Entertainment System --- Feedback: (letters column) Super NES Hi-Tech: Nintendo Releases Details on S-NES CD-ROM...! Future Play: Axelay Cyber Formula GPX Flying Warrior Ultima VI Magic Johnson's SUper Slam Dunk Hat Trick Hero Super Famista Super Nintendo - Trick Of The Trade: Joe & Mac (Extra 1-Ups) Wanderers From Y's (Invincibility Code) Super Tennis (Advanced Player) Sim City (Bonus Gift Trick) Thunder Spirits (Option Screen) Darius Twin (No Enemy Demo) Darius Twin (Safe Spot) Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts (Change the Music) Super Smash T.V. (Life and Continue Increase) Joe & Mac (Max Out Your Lives) Wanderers From Y's (Sound Test) Smash T.V. (Location of Secret Rooms & Special Speed-Up Mode) Ultra Play Super File: Street Fighter II Contra III: The Alien Wars Super File: RIval Turf Gunforce Magic Sword Zelda 3: A Link To The Past Out Of This World Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time Might & Magic II Soul Blazer Spanky's Quest Super NES Reviews: Contra 3 Zelda 3 Castlevania IV Super Adventure Island Super Smash T.V. Lemmings Spanky's Quest Thunder Spirits The Rocketeer Xardion Super Scope 6 Game Over: Gradius III
  14. My friend had a NES, I had an SMS. I remember we used to argue over whose Double Dragon was better.
  15. Ah was not aware of a limited NYC release and rest didn't get till the end of that year. Interesting. Another fun fact learned today, thanks lol.
  16. Actually NES was released in US in Oct 1985 but still...Japan enjoying it for 2 years already is pretty crazy.
  17. Weird how Japan has some systems a full year+ before they even came to North America. Either I didn't realize or just forgot that Japan actually had the Mega Drive almost a year before North America. That's a long time.
  18. I had a sega cd back then....it was meh cuz it didn't add much better color to the games and all the FMV games weren't really all that fun to play. Mortal Kombat was cool to have the real music, sounds and voices though. SNES games still looked better to me but I was Team Sega and would never admit that to my Team Nintendo friend back then lol
  19. Been looking for a clean Genesis box for years now since I never picked up the 2 that were sitting in my dad's shed for years that he threw out after spring cleaning in his shed. Most of the ones on ebay look like junk or people asking too much for decent boxes. Guy I buy plastic box protectors from has a nice one he uses to display his protector on his website. Figured I'd ask him if he was willing to sell expecting to just hear "sorry, no" but he replied back telling me he has no room for it and would gladly sell it to me for the price he paid! I couldn't pass that up! All my years of looking for a decent box was finally over. Box looks great. Styro looks great and even has the top cover. All the plastic bags there. All the literature I think is there...manual and some card. Not sure if a poster came with it or not back in the day when I got it on release day on August 14, 1989. Just thought I'd share my exciting find. I'm a nerd and like to collect my fav consoles but only if the boxes area nice. Any other nerd collectors like me?
  20. Can't think of any games that were ahead of their time....first thing I can think of ahead of its time was Sega's 3D Master System...pretty crAy for a 1986 system to have shutter glasses 3D tech. Same with Sega CD...games on CD that early in the timeline...2 years before the PlayStation.
  21. and its been a while and its still not preserved, is someone else allowed to scan and preserve if they have the magazine?s
  22. My PC is on 24/7 for streaming music..only thing I can think happened is I must have stopped playing the game but went to desktop and left the game running in the background....for 22 days lol. It must have been a long stretch of just not going on Steam to notice. I may have gone for a week vacation too.
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