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  1. Super NES Buyer's Guide Volume 1 Number 1 (May 1992)

    Systems Coverage:
    Super Nintendo Entertainment System ---
    Feedback: (letters column)
    Super NES Hi-Tech:
    Nintendo Releases Details on S-NES CD-ROM...! Future Play:
    Axelay Cyber Formula GPX Flying Warrior Ultima VI Magic Johnson's SUper Slam Dunk Hat Trick Hero Super Famista Super Nintendo - Trick Of The Trade: 
    Joe & Mac (Extra 1-Ups) Wanderers From Y's (Invincibility Code) Super Tennis (Advanced Player) Sim City (Bonus Gift Trick) Thunder Spirits (Option Screen) Darius Twin (No Enemy Demo) Darius Twin (Safe Spot) Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts (Change the Music) Super Smash T.V. (Life and Continue Increase) Joe & Mac (Max Out Your Lives) Wanderers From Y's (Sound Test) Smash T.V. (Location of Secret Rooms & Special Speed-Up Mode) Ultra Play Super File:
    Street Fighter II Contra III: The Alien Wars Super File:
    RIval Turf Gunforce Magic Sword Zelda 3: A Link To The Past Out Of This World Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time Might & Magic II Soul Blazer Spanky's Quest Super NES Reviews:
    Contra 3 Zelda 3 Castlevania IV Super Adventure Island Super Smash T.V. Lemmings Spanky's Quest Thunder Spirits The Rocketeer Xardion Super Scope 6 Game Over:
    Gradius III




  2. Mega Play Vol.3 No.5 (October 1992)

    Systems Coverage:
    Sega Genesis (along with many Mega Drive previews) Sega CD (primarily in the form of Mega CD hardware and software previews) Sega Game Gear Sega Master System ---
    Press Start: Sega Grows Stronger!! (editorial)
    Mega Mail: (letters column)
    Hi-Tech Sega:
    Mega Drive Carts Wont Work In Genesis! Capcom To Start Making Mega-CD Discs Final Fight...Mega-CD vs. Cart Mega Tricks:
    Taz Mania (Genesis) David Robinson's Supreme Court (Genesis) Devilish (Genesis) Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge (Genesis) Desert Strike (Genesis) Krusty's Super Funhouse (Genesis) Splatterhouse 2 (Genesis) Steel Empire (Genesis)  Shadow of the Beast (Genesis) Two Crude Dudes (Genesis) Coming Attractions: 
    Phantasy Star IV (Genesis) Phantasy Star Gaiden (Game Gear) Out of This World 2 (Mega Drive) Land Stalker - The Emporer's Treasure (Mega Drive) Deadly Moves (Genesis) Gley Lancer (Mega Drive) Faceball 2000 (Game Gear) Junker's High (Mega Drive) G-Loc (Genesis) Mega lo Mania (Genesis) Metal Fangs (Genesis) Monopoly (Genesis) Clue (Genesis) Mega Files:
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Game Gear) Cobra Command (Sega CD) Greendog (Genesis) ExMutants (Genesis) Uncharted Waters (Genesis) Batman Returns (Genesis) Predator 2 (Genesis) NHLPA Hockey '93 (Genesis) Super Monaco GP II (Genesis) Chuck Rock (Game Gear) Batman Returns (Game Gear) Thunder Force IV (Genesis) Mega Reviews:
    Greendog (Genesis) Global Gladiators (Genesis) Super Monaco GP II (Genesis) Alisia Dragoon (Genesis) Cadash (Genesis) Slime World (Genesis) Team USA Basketball (Genesis) NHLPA '93 (Genesis) RBI IV (Genesis) Sports Talk Baseball (Genesis) David Robinson's Supreme Court (Genesis) World Trophy Soccer (Genesis) Jennifer Capriati Tennis (Genesis) Batman Returns (Game Gear) The Terminator (Game Gear) Chuck Rock (Game Gear) Wimbledon Tennis (Game Gear)




  3. Super Gaming - Issue 1 Summer 1991

    Import Systems Coverage
    Sega Mega Drive Mega CD Sega Game Gear Nintendo Famicom Nintendo Super Famicom Nintendo Game Boy NEC PC-Engine NEC PC-Engine CD-ROM NEC PC-Engine Super CD-ROM NEC Supergrafx ---
    Power Surge - Video Games Go International In Super Gaming Magazine (editorial)
    Super Famicom Buyers Guide
    Actraiser Bombuzal Final Fight F-Zero Gradius III Hole In One Pilotwings Populous Super Deformer Super Mario World Super Spreads
    Midnight Resistance (MD) Gradius III (SF) Actraiser (SF) F-Zero (SF) Super R-Type (SF) Dangerous Seed (MD) Wonder Boy (MD) Star Cruiser (MD) Magical Hats (MD) Twin Cobra (MD) Murder Club starring J.B. Harold (PCE-CD) Super Previews
    Super Professional Baseball (SF) Pro Soccer (SF) Ninja Gaiden 3 (SF) Devil Hunter Yoko (MD) Battle Golf (MD) Chase H.Q. (GG) Shining & Darkness (MD) Road Spirits (PCE)  




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