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  1. I have so many damn games for 360/PC and the only one i've actually played through and beat was Left 4 Dead 2. I've always started HalfLife but never finished. Started over again when I got the Cinematic mod but once again never finished. I'm horrible at getting through a whole game. I have games form the 90's that are still new to me lol
  2. I miss the 90's in general. Such a great time in life...games/music/bars. Everyone was either single or just had a girlfriend and it was easy to all go out every weekend. Now..everyone's married with kids and live not so close anymore so its a whole planning ordeal to get together. Love watching docs on 90's stuff like that new thing called "the internet" or on Napster or gaming consoles. VH1's "I LOVE THE" series was great and always give those a watch every so often.
  3. Check out Goodwill's website too..a lot of retro consoles on there too up for auction. http://shopgoodwill.com/
  4. i never really researched what else you could really do with the PIs..just the Emulation Station. Will look into what other cool things you can do. Never heard of the Pixel Lamp Art though. Sounds interesting.
  5. How many floppies would that be if we were back in 1995 lol.
  6. Because I love looking back on the stories, technology, layouts and all that of the gaming mags I grew up with. Also something about just having them in a digital format knowing i can look whenever I want instead of getting to that stack of retro mags in my garage.
  7. All the guides except for EDITING are 404...just a heads up.
  8. I'm on Steam...168 games and i've only played maybe a handful. Damn Summer/Winter sales!
  9. If you're on Facebook, search for "rummage" or "yard sale" pages for your area. There's a bunch of pages set up for my area where people sell stuff, you meet up and buy/sell. Always see some NES/SNES/GENESIS stuff on there.
  10. Yeah, crazy how things have changed in a relatively short amount of time. It feels like yesterday that I couldn't wait for the launch day for Sega Genesis and now i can play on my tablet/phone/pc/Pi...i love technology.
  11. Interesting...was not aware of that. Is there some link about that? Would be interested to read.

  13. Would love to see what they would do with these games with today's tech: Mercs GI Joe Rastan (i can hear the music in my noggin now) TMNT Ikari Warrior Twin Eagle (Had such great music for a 1988 arcade game) Thunderblade Probably more but that's what come to the top of my head right now
  14. Heard about Pi a while back but never really looked into until recently when I heard about Emulation Station for it. It's pretty sweet. Still trying to figure out how to set up filters/scanlines and all that but its nice for a portable retro machine! I'm always looking on eBay for new-ish in box SNES/NES/Genesis but then I think "why bother spending a couple hundred when i can just use the emulators"..but there's something about just owning the original system and having it.
  15. Is there a section here giving a rundown of how to scan/edit the mags to upload? I'm a nerd and would probably enjoy doing this stuff also.
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