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  1. Modification of the 1999 Rule

    Shame to see you go, I enjoyed the retro PC Gamers. I like the content at oopa, they've recently uploaded NMS #11 which was the first magazine I bought, but is there anything left of Newsfield to scan?
  2. Why the magazines are gone?

    Sucks. It's your hosting company, so they won't care if you stick with torrents and rapidshare style links, but it means you'd lose the centralised resource. If you wanted to keep a centralised library, it'd have to be private. You could consider the hosts that turn a blind eye, but you'd need to pay a premium for that. I hope we see magazines back on soon.
  3. Total Control

    I'd be interested to see this. It was one of the last games magazines by Dave Perry (the guy with the bandana, not the Shiny one). The internet tells me it went got to issue 11. They spines were lettered with the name of the magazine - T, O, T, A... etc. and it folded before they got to the end of the name. If you're after information on UK magazines - rllmuk.com is a good place to start. http://www.rllmukforum.com/lofiversion/index.php?t91126.html
  4. Bad Influence! Magazine?

    Digitiser had fantastic recognition in the UK, it was arguably the most read gaming publication, although I probably wouldn't go as far as describing reveal-o's as "professional". I don't think teletext had a proper archiving system though. Biffo has mentioned previously how he was never much of an archivist, so a lot of his stuff was lost.
  5. Re-ordering The Download Section?

    I think the current ordering of downloads is clearer than the original ordering, it's good to see that you guys are still busy working behind the scenes, much appreciated. I would suggest however, that you insert custom fields into each of your uploads, such as issue number and date. Not all the filenames follow the same format, so they're not all correctly arranged. But if you could arrange it by issue number, it'd make it even easier.
  6. Is $625,000.00 Too Much?

    As an aside, I totally disagree with the assertion that Hardcore Gamer is a quality publication. Not just its content, but it's total lack of design. ---- I get the point about the distribution costs in the US, but couldn't a regional magazine be launched? Limited to a set amount of states? Surely, some of the larger metropolitan areas or states could support a games magazine.
  7. Is $625,000.00 Too Much?

    I don't think a nineties brand has any relevance in this age. There's no benefit to owning the archives, all you're really paying for are the rights to the name. You could use it to launch a GameFan website, and try to compete with GameSpot et al. But other than the name, what do you have? Do you really think that the magazine still carries any goodwill among gamers? If you're going to enter the magazine industry, it's going to be hard. American games magazines are a total embarrassment, pamphlets and PR, they've been this way for a while. I don't know why the UK model of low circulation, high quality magazines isn't accepted in the states. I'm guessing because if you ran a high quality games mag, and kept it lower circulation, you wouldn't get any of the advertisers. I would not invest $600,000 for GameFan.
  8. Retro Gamer Issue 31-55 Now Available

    This is an excellent magazine, it's a treasure trove of information and you can see the passion they have for games. Unlike the previous Retro Gamer eMag they put out, the entirety of this collection is by Imagine Publishing, which is a massive leap in quality over the original Live Publishing issues. They cover gaming mags every now and then too, from what I remember, they've done features on C&VG, Maximum and the UK Official Sega Saturn Magazine. I've seen Retromags credited on one of those articles too I think.
  9. Opm Available At Retromags?

    There are currently no uploaded issues of Official Playstation Magazine (US). Retromags will accept them, but no one has uploaded any. Just checked [censor bypass], there are no live torrents for OPM there either.
  10. Interaction Magazine

    For any fan of Sierra games, the SierraVault has scanned the entire archive of Interaction magazine, their trade newsletter. http://sierra.gracenroark.net/index.php?pr=InterAction Found out about this through the GameMagWeasling column at GameSetWatch http://www.gamesetwatch.com/2008/10/column...eling_the_9.php
  11. Download Section Privileges Reinstated!

    Well that sucks. But I hope we'll still be seeing collected issues on google.
  12. No Uk Magazines?

    I think the problem is a lack of UK scanners. Or those with any spare capacity. With Edge as well, there's the problem of the non-standard page size, which means it might not fit onto an A4 scanner.
  13. Mega (future's Sega Mega Drive Mag)

    Looking forward to these mags Nreive, thanks. I'd love to see more UK stuff on here.
  14. Computer Gamer Magazine?

    Kiwi, your scans are of better quality than those on WoS, and your efforts are appreciated. Just wanted to let you know that the magazine was available elsewhere in case you wanted to switch priorities.
  15. Computer Gamer Magazine?

    Kiwi, I didn't spot this earlier. I downloaded your rapidshare file, and found the scans to be real good quality. I'm not a fan of 80s home gaming, nor was I familiar with the magazine. But knowing that anything even mentioning the Spectrum is archive at World of Spectrum, I checked them out. It turns out that they already have all the issues archived at ftp://ftp.worldofspectrum.org/pub/sinclai.../ComputerGamer/ .