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  1. Lycanthrokeith

    Virtual On Twin Sticks for NTSC Saturn

    They are, I confirmed with someone doing an eBay auction. There's apparently also an adapter that lets it work on Dreamcast. Thanks for the help.
  2. Hello! I just got a US (NTSC) Sega Saturn, and I'm also still missing the fun I had playing sit-down-cabinet Virtual On at MAGFest. I'm thinking about getting the Twin Sticks that were released for the Japanese Saturn, but I would like to know if this controller will work on the US (NTSC) Saturn, or only on the Japanese model. If not directly, is there some adaptor or bypass (like an Action Replay) that makes it work? Thank you. --Keith
  3. Lycanthrokeith

    Missing Issue: EGM2 Issue 21

    Thanks for fixing that! I've been wanting this magazine for a long time (ever since I lent it to a friend for the Real Bout Fatal Fury article).
  4. Lycanthrokeith

    Missing Issue: EGM2 Issue 21

    Hello. EGM2 Issue #21 is listed as Preserved, but the download link redirects to FilePlanet. It then says the file is missing. Just wanted to make it known. Thanks.
  5. Lycanthrokeith

    Wondering About the Status of the Database Move

    Cool deal, Sir. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the hard work.
  6. Hello again. I checked a download link for one of the magazines, and I'm still being directed to FileFactory. I was wondering if I'm doing something wrong (I have updated the address since the move), or if the project was delayed. Thanks for any info.
  7. Lycanthrokeith

    Retromags Switching Servers (March 12th-13th 2015)

    Great to hear it! For those of us who don't use Facebook or Twitter, will the Retromags URL still be the same?
  8. Lycanthrokeith

    TurboGrafx-16 Hardware

    There were two: Alien Crush and Devil's Crush. Alien Crush came first. Both were basically pinball on a living table, with AC having a two-level table plus bonus stages, while DC's table was three level's tall (fairly sure it had bonus stages too). AC featured aliens, naturally, while DC had demons (including a woman's face that gradually turned into that of a reptilian demon).
  9. Lycanthrokeith

    Missing Magazine

    So it isn't available, then? That's unfortunate. I was hoping to read the coverage on Shadowrun SNES and the Tom Dowd interview. Ah well, I shall hold out hope.
  10. Lycanthrokeith

    Missing Magazine

    Hello. Game Players Nintendo Guide Issue 47 (March 1993, Mega Man 5 on the cover) is listed as "Preserved," but no download link is present. Thanks for looking into this.
  11. Lycanthrokeith

    FileFactory Server Consistently Overloaded

    $15 has been donated.
  12. Lycanthrokeith

    FileFactory Server Consistently Overloaded

    It's certainly a safer way to go than the risk of identity compromising and potential litigation, too. That always makes me gunshy about subscribing to a download service. $14 a year is a whole lot better than $8 a month, too. Guess the next questions are, would there be any special bonuses for the people who do the donation toward the server cost, and how do we go about donating?
  13. Lycanthrokeith

    FileFactory Server Consistently Overloaded

    I'd be agreeable to this.
  14. Lycanthrokeith

    FileFactory Server Consistently Overloaded

    I'm getting this message consistently when trying to download something: Server Load Too High The server hosting this file is temporarily overloaded. You can download this file immediately by upgrading to FileFactory Premium. Alternatively, you can try again shortly. Please contact support if you require further assistance. I'm following the rules for magazine downloads for the number of posts I've done (I'm still under 25, so I'm sticking to one a day like I'm supposed to). But it's for naught if the external service isn't functioning properly, or worse, if FileFactory is doing this intentionally to hustle paid subscriptions out of people. I understand the benefits, but when I'm being directed there for a free download, it comes off as a hard sell tactic. Any ideas as to what's going on with FileFactory? Thanks.
  15. Lycanthrokeith

    Electronic Gaming Monthly... Is it DEAD?

    Before I saw this thread, I didn't even realize EGM was still around in any form. I picked it up once in a while if they had a good strategy spread on something (I remember one on Real Bout Fatal Fury that had some cool artwork in it), but to be honest, they were never my favorite of the magazines. There were too many occasions where they reported incorrect information or unfounded rumors; they seemed to be the National Enquirer of video game magazines. Have they gotten better over the years?