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  1. I also meant to shill my documentary too I have the 3 Microsoft Game Catalogs up there. Because there is no major white, or better still, base white paper, those really pop with the standard edits.
  2. I wanted to show some comparisons to try and find where things are changing the most. It appears the lowering of brightness and contrast is the biggest culprit. The original edit scan: My group of Adjustment Layers (in reverse order oops) My group of Adjustment Layers (in the right order) Original scan with Step 1: Levels Original scan with Step 1: Levels + Step 2: Brightness/Contrast Original scan with Step 1: Levels + Step 2: Brightness/Contrast + Step 3: Hue/Saturation Original scan with Adjustment Layers only Levels & Hue/Saturation: I like how the colors pop because of Levels & Hue/Saturation, but like the page color of the original. Chris
  3. I use black paper as well. If you were to toggle off the Group of Adjustment Layers in the samples you’ll see a brighter white and less to even no bleed through. That’s why I’m looking for some advice in regards to the standard three adjustments in the Editing guide. the paper is definitely a little cheap in OXM which is affecting bleed through. as always I am very particular about full bleed and facing pages which is why it takes me a bit longer. Some day I’ll figure out an easy way to color match facing pages and then I’ll be real happy lol
  4. Howdy! Long time no post lol I'm working on a documentary about the original Xbox and of course it will include archiving every magazine with coverage. As part of my launch I picked a random issue of Official Xbox Magazine I had multiple copies of because I wanted to try a new debinding method using a hair dryer. All pages but two came out smoothly (those two had glue remnants on artwork) and I waited a day before starting scanning for the pages to cool and flatten. Then the horror as all the pages appeared skewed at severe degrees. Did I warp the pages? I took the second copy and did my by-hand debind, bending the spine and slowly loosening clumps of pages that I could then smoothly, for the most part, pull out. Not quite as smooth at the spine as the hair dryer version but for the most part pretty good, so let's scan those. Same issue, skewing. I hold the two copies covers up and see they both are skewed and to different degrees. They cut the magazine at an angle. This is ridiculous! I check other issues of the mag and the same thing. Oh man, this is gonna be fun. So at this point I check RetroMags and see the issue I picked, 29, March, 2004, was not allowed. I had made sure what I picked was 15 years old as I thought that was the rule. So going forward I guess I need to know a few things. Is this issue acceptable at this point? Is 15 years not the cut-off? Here's the 300dpi CBZ without the RetroMags trailer or numbering: Another reason I haven't finished all steps is related to the scanning guide that I followed for my previous contributions. I had converted the three after-image guidelines into three adjustment layers that I then grouped. Using those adjustments seems to take the white out of the pages and revel a shadow of the other side of the page that is otherwise not visible. I created a ZIP with some sample pages if anyone wants to take a look and tell me how to alter the adjustments to get the RetroMags look while maintaining the white I see when looking at the mag under normal light: I'm working on the preview page at the moment and hopefully it will be viewable by the time you're reading this: Let me know if this issue can be added to RetroMags and anything I can do to improve the look of the pages. I will be doing all of OXM, XBN, EGM, Play, Game Informer and every other magazine with original Xbox coverage over the coming year. I know some of those won't be usable here so I will concentrate on those that are first. Thanks, Chris
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