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  1. RT @Retr0Joe: Text Adventure games were brutal back in the day... If the passage is "unlit" be wary of death... Necks tend to get broken…

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  5. RT @TheyCallMeTXT: Grabbing some cheesy horror FMV games for possible streaming during the move. Should be a hoot.

  6. RT @longie_long: I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Doki Doki Panic JPN Commercial

  7. RT @ZackBellGames: If other games media outlets want to discuss hosting, sharing, or participating w/ our #Dev365 tutorial project(s), pls…

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  9. @TheOldManClub I've seen Animal House over 100 times. Still cackle like a hyena every time. Even bought this shirt…

  10. We didn't need manuals or magazines to adopt and use the word "gameplay" in the '70s even as companies used it behi…

  11. RT @oliverbcampbell: So, Cuphead thoughts (while I set up this here PSQuadSuperDuper): -Fun as fuck -Stylish as fuck -Boy, World 3 is a ba…

  12. What is #Indieween & #GamesMatter guess I better read this myself

  13. RT @makingames: We'll be showing the finished #RagingJustice on #XboxOne and #arcade cabinet at #EGX2017 tomorrow! Can't wait! #Indiede…

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