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    Volume 2, Number 7 April 1984 FEATURES MIND OVER MATTER New controls for new video goes one step beyond! SPECIAL SECTION GOING FULL-CYCLE Williams' laserdisc Star Rider gets on track plus How Williams puts "you" in the game. CONVENTIONAL WISDOM Spotlighting developments at the Winter CES. BEATING THE COIN-OPS Tips and strategies for Discs of Tron and Star Wars. DEPARTMENTS HYPERSPACE Insights into the issue at hand. BLIPS Five bytes to a new you; getting crypt-ic; learning is fundamental; a healthy start; computer age dry cleaning; the "N' teams and more. STATS DOUBLE SPEAK Video Games' readers speak out. GAME EFFORTS Getting a handle on your game with controls at your feet. COIN-OP Arcade games with a sporting chance: NFL Football, Spy Hunter, Mr. Do's Castle. FLIP SIDE Coming to terms with the pinball revival: Sharpshooter II and Soccer Kings. SOFT SPOT Designs on video games: Space Shuttle, Mr. Do, Rabbit Transit. HARDSELL An in-depth look at the first Coleco ADAMs. BOOK BEAT Getting down to BASICs. COMPUTER CORNER Fun and games with electronic marvels: Spitball, Astrol Patrol, Salmon Run, Mr. Robot and his Robot Factory, Moonbase Io and more.
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    JoyStik Issue 3 (December 1982)



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    Vidiot Issue 001 (September/October 1982)



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