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  1. RT @SundaeMonth: Grab Dad Quest, our newest game on Steam Early Access! Here's the trailer!…

  2. RT @Lord_Arse: "True 64-bit"

  3. @MSamenfink @Theranthrope I mean we're talking Roland Emmerich here, has he ever been involved with anything not over the top?

  4. @GamesDoneLegit @IdentInvalid I don't think so, I have 4 copies & did some LAN play a few years ago. The bots aren't great but decent.

  5. @RAZ0RFIST since you've been recommending non-superhero stuff thought I'd mention Defenders (Gerber thru 50), Squad…

  6. RT @OriginalPSP: I'd heard about this ship a few years ago. Great to see that the vintage arcade machines were rescued.…

  7. RT @retroprincess1: Can any arty people out there recommend a black fine line pen/pens please? #art #craft #pens

  8. RT @JoeSiegler: 21 years ago today this happened. Duke Nukem 3D shareware v1.0 got released. That's George pointing at my computer doing th…

  9. RT @JuicyGameReview: When The Ghostbusters used the #nes advantage stick to control Lady Liberty

  10. #Atari VCS Supercharger. So few bytes, still so slow

  11. RT @RAZ0RFIST: You heard it here, bitch! Hate-Bit Podcast: Mark II! Let's DO this! @Yellkaos @saintedmagnus @AlphaOmegaSin…

  12. The latest from @RAZ0RFIST is short but sweet (and hilarious) #GamerGate - The New 'P.C.' Gaming: A Rant

  13. RT @Hawk_Hopper: @VGBounceHouse Soldier of Fortune was on the of best FPS games from that time.

  14. #GamerGate 2000 #retrogaming memories - time for another break, back with more soon!

  15. #GamerGate 2000 #retrogaming memories - we've got a lot of ads this issue so I'll be spreading them out, back soon!

  16. A great example of the innovation & disparate gaming options from #Imagic & #Intellivision a #retrogaming must!

  17. RT @JuicyGameReview: #GamingMemory W/Altered Beast "Rise from your grave"

  18. Any #GamersUnite people out there have recommendations to find #tabletop #RPG fans?