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  1. If you haven't seen this 1982 SNL short it's a great #GamerGate parallel

  2. RT @8BitBecca: February 1, 2015 is the official start date for my #retrogaming #videogame #archiving blog, but for now, here's…

  3. Good morning #GamerGate new scanner to try today for some new #retrogaming ad floods hope everyone's having fun!

  4. RT @GPF_Mournblade: right need guests for tomorrows show at 22:00 till 00:00 gmt on #GamerGate…

  5. RT @Dilmerv: Are you guys Serializing the level so you can restore where the player left off? Or do you simply save the last position? #gam

  6. With regularly scheduled programming back time for my #GamerGate break with a fresh ep of #TheGoodWife

  7. MT @draginol: Stardock's first game release of 2015 is Sorcerer King. Due March.

  8. I slept in late today #GamerGate guess I better use that rest to actually get some stuff done after a lazy weekend.

  9. Kotaku survives on click-bait alone they'd have no audience if they weren't fostering gamer in-fighting #GamerGate

  10. RT @Sargon_of_Akkad: Hey #GamerGate, perhaps we should show some kindness to @Roran_Stehl after he was dogpiled for daring to think. http:/…

  11. "You be the snowflake you are, and we'll be the snowflake we are." lmao #GamerGate #ItsMillerTime

  12. RT @TheMercedesXXX: The wonderful @ellypriZeMaN is auctioning off a #shirtgate replica to benefit @ThePornCharity & @TFYCapitalists! http:/…

  13. MT @JCRStorm: Gamphi - a new community for developers across fields. Visit us at #gamedev

  14. #GamerGate #retro #gaming ad flood 198401 - one of the 10 billion companies with "Data" in their name

  15. I'll have another short #GamerGate #retro #gaming ad flood later today here's much of what January 1984 had to offer

  16. This gave me a big #GamerGate lol "You be the snowflake you are, and we'll be the snowflake we are." #ItsMillerTime

  17. RT @DeadwingDuck: Have fun, shitlords.^ #GamerGate, /v/, /pol/ vidya Cards Against Humanity pack.Enjoy, retweet, s…

  18. RT @New_Versailles: Progressives use "offense" and political correctness as kill switches for speech they don't want heard. Speak it anyway…