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  1. Strategy Guides

    Thanks for your comments on the recent scan package. Here are some answers for you. 1. The size issue on the pages is based on an experiment I've been doing in attempting to maintain image quality yet make a file that doesn't take all week to grab from a torrent or download site. My initial scans had a tendency to be quite larger once put together and some people had to spend what amounted to far too long waiting to get it. As I am not a fan of begging others to do work for me I will continue to do my own edits. 2. Tagging is something I do as a quick means of marking my territory. If you look at what scans I've done, I generally don't make them that big, they only go on the front and back covers of a scan and I always put in the @ retroags.com line in case someone who is unaware of this cool site finds said scan on a P2P or a downloading source other than a torrent site that doesn't mention the source of the scan. That's just something I do personally and I see no reason to change it. And finally, 3. Yes the Acclaim magazine is that small. I won two of them in an EBAY bundle with about forty other vid mags and was a bit surprised that they would attempt to charge so much for what amounts to nothing more than a newsletter. Especially when EGM and Gamepro were only .50 cents more expensive for six times the content. In the midst of continuing to scan in and edit my own material and make things better quality wise, I do appreciate any and all input positive or negative in regards to said work.
  2. Cbr File Issues

    The issue may or may not be coming from the rapid share file account I was using as a temporary delivery system for my scans. I just found out that content I posted two weeks ago there is doing what you've descirbed, all grey screen and when I try to convert it back to the original cbr, I get a bad archive message and the file won't open. I've gone back to rapid share and taken a file again and it opened with no problem. I've converted it back to a .rar and extracted all the contents. I'm going to remake it into a cbr and hope that the problem stems from being on rapidshare and is not based on something more serious like a problem with the CDdsiplay software. This of course puts a hold on the scans I was going to dump into that folder later today. I'll start looking around for another storage site and go from there or I'll continue to use rapidshare and just post the original rar or zip file and let the end user determine if he/she wants to create a cbr/cbz or pdf or whatever. Thanks for the heads up. I will now spend the rest of the day sitting in the shame on ZTTfan corner of my house!
  3. 5 Magazines Being Released Tonite!

    There?s no such thing as a pointless argument my friend. Now that I understand why you made the request that you did, it does indeed make perfect sense. But let?s look at it from the stand point of a new scanner. You have a copy of NP63. You spend days making sure the scan is right, each page included and everything legible. Then some one who you don?t know says ?You?re wasting your time doing a book that I haven?t seen, it?s already been done. I have a sound argument to that hence the lack of need to result to name calling, that?s the coward?s way out. And again for the record, I only scanned one Nintendo Power based item, the other content is from Gamepro, Sega Visions and of all people Acclaim/LJN productions. Why leave a sinking ship when you have ample time to turn it into a flagship?
  4. 5 Magazines Being Released Tonite!

    Then I should take a wait and see approach to scanning in the hopes that you?ll allow a humble young scanner like me some table scraps then? No thanks bud, there?s nothing you have that I need so badly as to sell my soul for it. I do appreciate the offer though. Maybe one day I too can mention the hundreds of hours I?ve put in scanning! But I don?t have that kind of free time. I hope that doesn?t lower your opinion of me and I honestly do hope you do enjoy the non Nintendo material that I?ve uploaded. It some of it does cover the criteria of your interests.
  5. 5 Magazines Being Released Tonite!

    The only thing you?ve done to offend me so far is to arrogantly assume that you?re the only person here who has put in any work or has any access to magazines to scan. To think for one moment that you?re the end all be of all the scanning scene is trite to say the least. As far as your offering people access to your material in exchange for scanning? I see no reason to ask anyone here to whore themselves out so you can get your hands on content you don?t feel like buying in the real world. You either wish to give or take. It?s as simple as that. I don?t need some poser coming in and telling me what I?ve scanned is a waste as your still hoarding imaginary content as far as I?m concerned. I know what I?ve sent out, what happens to it from there is up to Phillyman.
  6. 5 Magazines Being Released Tonite!

    and, as for your 1/10th statement...You may have much more than me lying around in crates...Maybe, that is because I don't waste money on items I'd end up stuffing in crates! Suffice to say, you probably don't have 1/10th what I have in my bank account:) Cynicism and sarcasm aside, I wish you luck in all your scanning ventures... You'd be wrong on that too young man. You want to dangle carrots in front of everyone and talk about this huge IMAGINARY amount of books you've scanned please be my guest. But I haven't seen anything with your name on it since you were banned on the old forum. For all the bitching you did back then I'd have thought that you would simply start your own website or are you waiting for a handout? Please don't make me take it there, you wouldn't like what I have to say.
  7. 5 Magazines Being Released Tonite!

    Sorry lad but it appears your under the impression that ZTTfan only has Nintendo Power books to scan. Over here I lack tunnel vision that you seem to be using. The only nintendo item I sent was a proper copy of the Super Metroid Strategy Guide. Which so far I seem to be the only one whose scanned it. Otherwise the rest of the content sent out is non Nintendo. While I do have one more item to complete that is Nintenedo based, it has nothing to do with NP. Sorry to burst your bubble but I highly doubt you have access to 1/10 of what I have just lying in crates in the lower levels of the ZTT farm. As I've said in my past posts man does not live by Nintendo alone. BTW in reply to your earlier PM: No thanks, I don't need handouts from your reward program. I'll scan what I want when I want. Should you figure out that Nintendo Power isn't the only magazine created during over the past twenty years look me up. Otherwise save your rewards offer for the lemmings. "Fight .. for what you believe. Which brings me to the .. first piece of advice my dad ever gave me, and now I'm giving it to you. Never--" "Never start a fight. But always finish it." "Always finish it."
  8. 5 Magazines Being Released Tonite!

    I can up that by three if your willing to wait about an hour. I've got one more item to crop. It can be four if you want my finished Super Metroid Guide. P.S. NO, I have no clue as to the whereabouts of any Newsbots. I was installing a new wifi network for those hard to reach spots on the ZTTfarm when the "incident" happened. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. P.P.S I will be posting another annoying list of why the ZTTfarm has far to much spending power. P.P.P.S. I even made sure my pages were aligned right during the cropping. I'd hate to have those of you who don't do squat with scanning trying to bore me or any ZTT affiliates with your useless input and pointless critiques.
  9. Looking For A New Bittorrent Client

    Everyone here at the ZTTfarm is in love with Utorrent. There's nothing better then launch and forget software (as in hassle free usage) Remember people: Friends don't let friends use dial-up! P.S. I'm trading in my brokeback newsbot for a showroom fresh domesti-bot. They add years to your life.
  10. All Users (new & Old) Please Read Here!

    Thank you for taking what I put some serious thought into and condensing it into a totally unrelated statement. At no point did I threaten anyone with "hoarding" anything that I personally have scanned. That wasn't any part of the points I thought I'd made fairly clear. But let?s remix it shall we: If you and others really want to kill this project then please, continue with you?re "I'd rather download than upload" attitude. Again no threats and definitely no BS from yours truly. Simply a statement of fact. As with all opinons on the web, the source always seems to be the wait and see type as opposed to the take charge type. You?re free to do what you want so far as ZTTfan is concerned! I've got scans to create! Changing the topic in typical ADD/ZTT style: Phillyman, I've just completed a super cool S.W.A.T.P.R.O. issue that you may get tonight. I'm just about done the Zelda guide and the Super Metroid book is now quarter way finished. My next venture will either end up being Donkey Kong Country and or something that involves Street Fighter. Which Street Fighter, I don't know yet but I'll figure it out. Dstryr420 I promise I will learn from your example sooner or later!
  11. Because I feel this topic extremely important! I could not agree 100% more with all of dstryr420's previous comments. Here are four more points to add: 1. Phillyman is not some stuck up admin with no interest in the opinions of others. We've been chatting back and forth in the short time that I've been here and at no point did I ever feel I was pressured to scan in anything specific. Even though he's taken the bold step of doing something I'd thought about doing a while back and is quite serious about it, he's never come across (to me at least) like someone who was obsessed with a singular vision and there was no room for input from others. I don't know about the rest of you but it's not often that you can directly chat with the creator of a site you're enjoying. 2. Lets all keep in mind that none of this is free. I'm not talking about buying books or scanners or even the time it takes to scan, crop and create a book, I'm referring to this forum. Topics, Arcade, Casino... you name it. Labors of love still require real world money to run them. Yet Phillyman hasn't stooped to such common online BULLS#!+ as "If you like our site then click here and vote for us!" banners all over the place or sent tons of spam to the accounts of those who've signed on. The most he wants from anyone is to simple scan some old mags that you may have enjoyed for years so that new people can enjoy them. Again no one's put a gun to my head and said do this or that specifically or else. It's been, hey Philly, I just scanned the Super Metroid guide, do you want it! Normal reply is generally heck yeah! 3. This may be the last of the great community projects the web ever sees. These days it all been done hasn't it. File sharing, podcasts. Hell even the ideas of forums, newsgroups and chat rooms has been somewhat subverted with sites like My Space.com and such. I've been online for more years than I'd care to admit and I've seen nice little ideas get turned into corporate whores (I'm staring at you Gamefaqs.com)! This may be one of the last great ideas to hit the internet, certainly its one of the few I can think of that relies on its members to step up and do more than take. Some people here put a lot of their free time into something that yields no profit and I'm not just referring to scanners. Editors, seeders, admins, scanners. A lot more care goes into the creation of what you?re enjoying for free than you'll ever know if you choose not to step up. 4. Keep in mind there's only a five year limit on what can be scanned! What that means in simple English is that yes, Philly only wants books dated from before 2000. But that's only as of RIGHT NOW. That rule is only going to apply for another 9 and a half months. No one is asking that you find your old copy of Gamepro #2 or dig around for Marvel's Blip comics (I used to have 'em all, back in the day!). In my mind that's quite a generous range of potential mags or strategy books to be created. But I've also gone so far as to be proactive and have a few things scanned with a 2001 and up date simply waiting for the time they can be released to the public. If we assume that the modern age of gaming begins in 1988 when the NES hit its stride and the gameboy was soon to rule the world and we take that through the 16 bit and 32 bit era to 2000 that gives you approximately 13 years worth of content to look around for. I'm sorry to be so long winded but as dstryr420 started it, blame him! Again this place is growing more so than you might think and it?s up to you if you want to contribute or simply sit on the sidelines and watch. You're free to do what you want of course, just keep in mind that the sidelines aren't where the real action is at.
  12. Super Metroid Strategy Guide

    Wow, I could have sworn that sending the whole book to you via AIM only took what, thirty minutes? I still have the book as a series of ZIPS and I'm more than happy to upload said guide to any dynamic editor with a four a two and a zero in his/her name. I just got it like that! "And how is education supposed to make me feel smarter? Besides, every time I learn something new, it pushes some old stuff out of my brain. Remember when I took that home winemaking course, and I forgot how to drive?"
  13. Premier Issue Of Turboplay Won!

    Hmmmm, a ZTTbot. That could work... that could work quite well.... For the record I am looking forward to the TG scan, ZTTFan's all about the variety. I can't stay mad at the bots. Let the scanning resume!
  14. Premier Issue Of Turboplay Won!

    SOOOOOoooo his ZTTness should hold off on uploading the completed PSM #1/ EGM2 #48 (Banjo Kazooie/Gran Turismo/Panzer Dragoon Saga/Tekken 3 strategies) and my current project of the Zelda Oracles guide. The ZTT staff could use the break, let me tell you! "Attention all Bots, I'll stop the world and melt with you!"
  15. Because I've yet to meet a Newsbot who does scanning.... Newly acquired at the ZTTFARM and ready for consumption: From the fine folks at Nintendo Power: Donkey Kong Country Player?s guide Game fan?s Soul blade Strategy guide And just for Phillyman!!!!! The Legend Of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons all in one handy GBA guide. All books may or not be scanned after a quality control check to ensure all pages are here. ?Put that in your Newsbot and smoke it!?