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  1. Yes, now It's Microsoft (if I remember correctly). I hope they gonna improve on Minecraft. Or I hope they going to release Minecraft 2 with much improvement. But I'm afraid then it's going to be a XBOX exclusive... sad for me PS4 owner...
  2. UPDATE Bought Mad Catz M.O.J.O in January 3rd. for my birthday this year
  3. WoW is good game. But maybe you wan't to try something like The Elder Scrolls: Online. - Standart, high quality RPG. I have a high hopes for Tom Clancy's: The Division. - Third Person Shooter/RPG. This one is upcoming. Check these out
  4. If 1998 is counted as 90' I would love to see somehow reacreated world of Enroth of video game Might And Magic Vi: The Mandate Of Heaven. I would love something like Unreal 4 engine as graphics. This time around - only one player action (First Person like in Bethesda games) with ability to have up to 3 other party members with independent A.L. Improved magic and trading system, also sword and bow mechanics too. The game world is so fascinating for me. I have same feelings for sequels - Vii and Viii parts of Might and Magic. I've also tried the latest part of Might and Magic X: Legacy, but that game have somehow unpolished everything
  5. After reading this comment, I felt like I would love to buy Nvidia Shield for myself. I've tried to play some emulated classics on my 7,85" Prestigio Diamond tablet, but I hated controls by tapping the screen. It's so inaccurate, and for some games (especially NES platformers) so from now on I'm playing only classic RPG like Final Fantasy and finally playing Chrono Trigger. Also it's quite possible to play Zelda games (I LOVE The Minish Cap), but as I mention before - inaccurate controls. By the way - Is it possible to remove on screen controller in emus like NES.emu,MD.emu and SuperRetro16??? Because if I buy Nvidia Shield I wouldn't need any on screen controllers. Thanks for answers in advance
  6. Hello fellow gamers, Are you ever considered importance of view perspective in RPG games you chose? There are thousands of various RPG games out there, but me, for example, I prefer First Person perspective RPG's and second party goes for Third Person or even Tactical (Overhead) perspective games. I love RPG genre and I was playing some most amazing titles such as: 1. Ultima Underworld Series 2. Might and Magic (from VI to VIII) Series 3. Wizardry 8 4. The Elder Scrolls Series (whole except Online) 5. Fallout Series (from 3, New Vegas, 4) 6. Deus Ex Series 7. Dead Island 8. Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 9. Boiling Point: Road To Hell 10. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series and so on... It's not the case that I don't like third person games, but First Person is so immersive to me. Even in action games in fact. I LOVE Grand Theft Auto 5 - only because it's First Person too. Games like Mirror's Edge, Rage, Bioshock, F.E.A.R., Half-Life Series... And games like Metroid or Dead Space Series for example. I prefer Metroid Prime Trilogy over all classic Metroid games and I LOVE DeadSpace: Extraction over whole trilogy of DeadSpace. Coming back to RPG genre. I really love Mass Effect, but I never completed whole trilogy too . I loved to play Gothic 3, but never completed either. I even never tried Baldur's Gate, Planescape Torment and such. Got Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic recently via GOG with huge discount, but I probably will never complete this one too. Recently I've got chance to buy Fallout 4 or The Witcher 3. Gues wich one I've picked. And I LOVE The Witcher lore, I read all the books in the series few years ago. It's so amazing...but not...first person perspective - Fallout 4. What do you guys think? It's curse on me about First Person perspective? Wich one you prefer mostly? Or there is no choice between good game and perspective? Cheers
  7. I think this topic is very reasonable. Order must be and point is taken. By the way - if you actually want to read 1 magazine completely - you will need a heck of a time. Like a half of the day. So there is no point to download any more magazines only to "own" them. Anyway - I'm a collector too and this is nice to actually have a right to download 10 magz per day for free. Other thing is donation system. It's very logic and generous in fact. Imagine all this hard work to scan every page correctly, manage colors and other design stuff. Firstly - uploader must own a magazine (some of them are very expensive if you trying to find near mint quality). Second - Uploader must have pretty good scaning hardware to produce very good quality scans (even bigger investment). And lastly - as I mentioned above - hard and time consuming process by scanning it.
  8. For example I figured a way to play on PC and enjoy. As much as retro fan, I'm owning XB360,PS4,Nintendo Wii (old one). So for my PC play I have this low budget 14' laptop for all my GOG.COM needs. I plugged HDMI from my laptop to my TV and vuolia - I'm playing good old Deus Ex, System Shock, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Might and Magic VI,VII,VIII and even Heroes of Might and Magic III and Stronghold Crusader on the Big Screen and DRM free. Bottom line - PS4 for new generation DRM Free games, PC - for ultimate classics
  9. I've got Nintendo Wii while I was working in North Ireland this year some time ago. I picked this console for games such as Dead Space: Extraction and my new love - Metroid Prime Trilogy. By the way - game was more expensive than console itself
  10. I think the main problems with Minecraft are creator lazines and bad investment. For e.g. if I were Notch I would been investing in more team members to create more and more stuff. As DLC's or something. Not only tedious skin packs and lazy updates. I'm not talking about graphic inprovements. Way more stuff like new biomes, new (200+) mobs and finally normal, proper ADVENTURE MODE as DLC's. If they were wanted to create Season Pass - it's ok. But now - unfinished game. And EA. God help us... In other hand I'm talking about console versions. And I love to play with my friends on XB360 or PS4. Some chips, some cola, one couch - unlimited fun.
  11. Hello imwiseguy, Welcome to the Retromags Community!