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  1. I haven't played many. I only ever bought a few games on there, castle crashers, peggle, uno, and a few others. No classics though.
  2. New or used? I would say your best bet is eBay just because you can see ratings of sellers on there. I got an xbox 360 slim a few years ago off craigslist and it worked great but I was very nervous forking over $100. lol
  3. Wow I didn't know that! I remember playing this with my cousin and it was hilarious. Her mother didn't know she rented us a mature game either which made it even funnier when she walked in on the flower with the big boobs hahaha
  4. I will be joining soon and will post my gamer tag here. I am not on 360 at all anymore and never got a one. I am in the middle of getting parts of build my own gaming PC. Graphics car came today actually
  5. Wow was he young. How sad! I must have missed this news because I have been so busy.
  6. Windows 7 has done things better than anyone else. The problem is though, that is is not useful with most modern tech anymore. Well aside PC's. I like windows 8 but I still feel 7 is the best all around. 10 I have yet to try.
  7. The only one that comes close to those, and at entry level is the Samsung NX Mini. It runs between $300 and $500 depending on where you go and what lens you get. I recommend getting the 9-27 one. Takes better pictures.
  8. Hey there, welcome! I am relativity new myself. I have been away for a bit busy moving. When I have free time I always check my forums. What games do you enjoy?
  9. That is really good. I remember having argument with my older brother about Samus being a woman. He always refused to believe me and insisted it was a man. Haha score one for me.
  10. I haven't played in some time but I did used to play my N64 on a weekly basis. have since put it away. I kind of want to dig it out now haha!
  11. Too sweet! I love Zelda! I may just have to get one. The last specialty set I got was a Star Wars one. I think I am due for an upgrade!
  12. I am not a big collector but I would love to have a gaming room in my first house. I hope to buy a 3 bedroom home, making one of the rooms for nothing but gaming. I will have a few TV's with all of my consoles in there.
  13. Every year Gaming consoles and offered at over priced rates for the people who MUST HAVE THEM NOW!! While others, like myself, would rather wait for a price drop. So another drop just hit 2 days ago, bringing a brand new One to $349. While I am tempted, I can see it dropping to an even $299 by the end of 2015. I can see it being a "Christmas special" of sorts.
  14. I honestly couldn't choose one but I have always loved the Donkey Kong covers
  15. What are your thoughts on the game? Do you plan on getting it? From what I can see, it is just as gory and gross as the others. I still love them though! haha
  16. I think it would have been a nice feature on the One and the PS4 but if they were to do that, it would take away a lot of profit they would be making over the next 3 to 5 odd years where people choose not to upgrade. If they were backwards compatible, why make two versions of the same game? It is more about money than anything.
  17. I have heard of this but never played it. Looking at the screen shots it looks very funny and entertaining to play. I don't quite grasp the concept of the game though. haha
  18. I would never have the patience to do this! That is amazing how everything is there. I haven't heard of a good 70% of them. I skimmed through though, three hour is too long for me to sit still and watch something.
  19. I remember when I heard this I couldn't believe it. So many comedians, specially the best ones, end up dying from broken hearts because they are so depressed but they are great at hiding it from the world. I think from his heart surgery, it did him in. I always hear of major depression happening to people after major heart surgery.
  20. Wow that issues takes me way way back! I am going to have to browse through a lot of your available mags myself to see what it on here.
  21. I couldn't balance a square on a rectangle! This guys is amazing! Thanks for sharing it, I never heard of him before. He has a gift for sure.
  22. I am not big on mainstream music so a lot of what was new in 2014 is still new to me. Anyways, what are some of the best songs (in your opinion) of 2014?
  23. I am looking for some good comedy movies. I like a bit of everything. Comedies always seem to be the most entertaining to me. I prefer newer movies, post 2000. Any good recommendations?
  24. I had to do a search to see if this topic existed. I am a HUGE fan! I love the series and I am awaiting the second half of season 5. I don't want to say anything that may pose a a spoiler but once you get past season 2 it gets so so good!
  25. I have yet to get an upgrade but I was curious what the main selling point differences were. I have been leaning toward the One since I heard of the release of both new systems but I am still on the fence. What are the selling points of both systems that differ from each system?
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