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    What is hip?

    Since when is it hip to say you are not hip to anything? I see and heard kids and young adults saying they "do it to be different"... Like the gauged ears. I see more people 15 to 24 wit them nasty holes than I don't so you aren't so different. It is like people are sheep and because someone things it is cool to be underground, they follow. Same with the tattoo trend right now. Back when I got mine, maybe one in every 5000 people had one in my area. Now I see them all over the place and they have trends to them!! What is going on with this world? What is hip and why do so many avoid being "hip" only to be a complete hipster? LOL Wednesday rants anyone?
  2. Nooooooo thanks! I am not a fan of heights. I don't even like being past the 2nd floor of any building. I get so dizzy and in a panic. These people are nuts! NUTS!
  3. Brings me back to the good ol days of simple computing! haha Don't get me wrong, i have a pricey PC myself, but I do miss the old cartridges.
  4. While I will end up getting it eventually, nothing beats the originals. I think they over did it with the newer ones but maybe that is just me. I am a long time gamer and prefer the older retro games over the new "slick graphics" of the new ones.
  5. My last relationship ended badly. Why? Because she said I didn't go out enough. I work around 50 hours a week and just want to come home and relax with video games. She said that she can't be with someone who spends so much time on the couch or at the computer. I honestly didn't think it was a big deal because she always went out shopping with her friends. I guess because I said no to going out to eat, or to the movies, or shopping... She hated it. We were together for about 2 years and while I did care for her, I didn't love her which I think bothered her. I can't and wont just say "I love you" because of some hormones or butterflies. Anyways, how often do you get out of the house and do something? (other than work)
  6. I used to go to Bestbuy... Then Gamestop... Then Walmart... Now I just order them from Amazon. Not sure if I became lazy or just prefer the convenience of online shopping lol.
  7. Feel Good Inc by the Gorillaz
  8. I enjoy this as well. I think there is only 3 weeks left before we get to see the season wrap up. I have a feeling it is going to lead up to something amazing. I haven't read the comics and don't want to start now because I think it will ruin the show for me. haha
  9. I don't watch movies all to often, but if you haven't seen Ted, you may enjoy that. I did which surprised me. I am not a big Seth or Family Guy fan, it is too blandly random for me.
  10. I heard about this and plan on getting one. I have quite a number of Monopoly games. I started collecting them 10 years ago. Anytime a new theme comes out that sparks my interest, I get it!
  11. It is 2015... So what game or games are you looking forward to this year? I have a handful I plan on getting but I am still going to hold off on a new system. Not enough games to buy one yet.
  12. Great lists! I too enjoy the adventure games more than many others. I also like RPG games as well. I like an open world to explore over a set of boundaries I have to follow.
  13. <--- Might be obvious! I love the game. Reminds me of the older games but with modern appeal. Who would have thought a game so simple would do so darn good. I play on a handful of servers myself, I never tried making or running my own though. No time for that. What is the server you play on? I will stop by sometime and play!
  14. I always loved all the Mario ones. I can't pick just one. Thought I know it is a bit cheesy, I did like the Yoshi's island one quite a bit.