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  1. Apparently there's a guy on Miiverse doing what is essentually Brawl in the Family comic strips in Smash Bros.

  2. Prematurely evacuate

  3. It seems like people with Journey avatars tend to be kind of stupid.

  4. Flip Note is so boring without its gallery features.

  5. Well he just randomly exploded so his death was still a surprise I guess.

  6. "the jabberwocky poem warned us to watch out for the frumious Bandersnatch yet he still has millions of fangirls" ~ Browsing random tumblrs

  7. Just like those times when I can't decide what I want for dinner so I end up eating a pop tart at like 2 AM.

  8. Maybe because, in the comics, there are always good characters left, but they're running low on the TV show.

  9. People who say they don't own handhelds because they don't play games outside of their homes are the weirdest people on earth.

  10. Apparently people need more help with Group Events than Solo Events.

  11. I've seen people unironically talk about "the number of p's" a thing has. 1080 p's or 720 p's.

  12. Considering it's so red and so strong smelling, ketchup chip dust is really easy to clean off of your fingertips. #JustCanadianThings

  13. RT @aurosan: this is an actual page from an actual children's bible

  14. Spider-Man Reign, The Musical: "is he strong? Listen, chum. He's got radioactive c-" *pulled off stage by giant hooked cane*

  15. Really? Can't pick that up from context?

  16. The problem with reading all of the tie-ins for any comic event is that you end up reading some real crap, like Annihilation Super Skrull.

  17. Netflix-developed Zelda series is Game of Thrones for kids stop stop stop stop stop just stop

  18. RT @SavedYouAClick: Works for Upworthy. MT @msavener: To hate "clickbait" headlines is to hate human nature.

  19. I'm used to Gamora's design being good, so it's weird to see her in one of those skanky mankini costumes in Annihilation.

  20. Flipnote Studio 3D delayed again because it's never coming out, like I've been telling you for years.

  21. Seriously guys, that Persona 5 trailer got me excited. Probably my most anticipated game this year now. (Because Zelda will be delayed.)

  22. Man, someone spent a lot of effort on this (COMPLETELY NSFW AND PORNOGRAPHIC) sprite edit.

  23. I should write another guide but I don't know what to write.