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  1. YES good luck finding any to scan though (unless you've found some, which would be rad)
  2. Of course! Your hard work is making me want to buy a scanner of my own...I want more people to know about the importance of video game magazines.
  3. Again, great work! However, I must warn you: Play Magazine was run by Dave Halverson, who doesn't like his magazines being put on the Internet, apparently. At least, not the Gamefan ones (which are not available on this web site because Dave requested they be taken down). Besides Gamefan and Play, he also ran Gamer's Republic (which I've found some issues of online---I still need to read them!). It's a shame. Play Magazine was an interesting magazine. Sure, some of its reviews were a bit...out there (Sonic 2006, for starters), but that magazine was still a great read. But, yeah, don't be surprised if Dave comes along and wants you to take those issues of Play down. Until then, though, keep scanning. I haven't seen Play's early years yet, so this is super interesting.
  4. One day left until most of the auctions are over (which seem to be USA exclusive)! Because I am bored, here are various magazines in the auctions that Retromags doesn't yet seem to have: -Ultimate Gamer Magazine (December 1995): No bids so far. It actually seems like this magazine isn't even in the database, although it only ran for around six issues (this being one of the last ones). However, I did find a past topic on this forum with more information: http://community.retromags.com/topic/9773-ultimate-gamer/#.VWFD4rm4Rdg -Expert Gamer (December 1998): I think there's only a single archived Expert Gamer on this web site, and it's not this one. No bids so far. -P.S.X. (Lot of 7): Short-lived magazine that turned into Official Playstation Magazine, only one P.S.X. has been archived here (which is actually in this lot, but there's still six unscanned ones!). $13 shipping and handling, but probably worth it for someone with a really good scanner. No bids so far. -Games People Play (Lot of 4): A newsletter that, for all I know, is already out there on the internet. $6 shipping and handling, no bids so far. It'd be cool to preserve more newsletters (I think there are some here, though) and fanzines on this web site as well, although fanzines in particular are VERY rare and hard to find. -Next Generation Issue 42: Unscanned, $5 shipping and handling. I actually own this one, but have never scanned a magazine in my life and don't know how to do it without tearing the magazine apart. I can say, though, that it's a really interesting issue that's worth scanning. -VG&CE (Lot of 8 with Issue #1!): Issues 1, 9, and 13 are unscanned. One bid (is that you, marktrade?), $13 shipping and handling. -VG&CE (November 1990, has Elvira on the cover): Unscanned, one bid, $5 shipping and handling. -VG&CE (December 1990, has TMNT on the cover): Unscanned, two bids, $5 shipping and handling. -VG&CE (Lot of 14, 1990-1991): Several are unscanned, particularly the 1991 issues. Three bids! $13 shipping and handling. -VG&CE (Lot of 15, 1992-1993): Very few of the 1992 issues are scanned. Two bids, $13 shipping and handling. -Sega Power (Lot of 11 plus a Mean Machines issue): United Kingdom magazines. None are scanned. Two bids, $13 shipping and handling. -Game On! (Lot of 4): Three of four are unscanned (the exception being the first issue). Two bids, $6 shipping and handling. -Incite Video Gaming (Lot of 8, 1999-2000): According to this web site, there are only nine Incite magazines that ever came out. However, they are listed as being PC Gaming magazines on this web site. This lot calls them Video Gaming magazines, and they have different covers than the ones listed in Incite PC Gaming. Hm! In any case, unscanned. One bid, $13 shipping and handling. -Future Play (Volume 2, Holiday Issue 1989): World of Nintendo Official Products Catalog...it makes sense to scan, right? Rare, apparently unscanned, two bids, $3.50 shipping and handling. -Ultra Game Players (November 1997): Listed as Issue 84 on this web site with a Sonic cover. This one has an alternate Zelda cover, but is listed as being Issue 103 on ebay. Unscanned. Four bids! $4 shipping and handling. I think that's all of the non-scanned stuff, although I probably did miss something. You have until the end of Sunday (it says 8 PM for me) to swoop in and get some sweet deals.
  5. Excellent job! I can't wait to read all of the Official Dreamcast magazines in my spare time. Again, much gratitude to you!
  6. Those are some nice lots! Eight out of nine Incite magazines are in one of them as well...I don't know if that magazine is good or not, but for the sake of preservation, this might be an offer someone with a good scanner (which is not me) wants to look into.
  7. Yeah, great work! It'll be awesome to see more Next Generation/NextGen (along with your other planned scans) stuff on the web, and I had no idea that NG had coverdiscs! Much luck with your work!
  8. It's really easy to forget about leading zeroes. The pages are great quality, though! What other magazines are you planning to scan in the future?
  9. ArcaneSylph


    This Premiere Collector's Edition MegaFan is the only MegaFan made before it was closed up, revamped...and brought back for TWO (maybe three) more issues! Woo!
  10. Who would have thought that the super wacky (Ultra) Game Players would have become Game Buyer, perhaps the winner of "The Most Boring Magazine Name Ever" award? also i'm concerned about cloud's legs
  11. Great job, Vivi. You destroyed GameFan.
  12. Traditional animation has generally not fared well in movie theaters in the 21st century. Titan A.E. was one of the first 2D suckers to be sacrificed to the bloodthirsty 3D Gods...
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