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  1. It must be hella weird to just go from some indie game to GODDAMN SMASH BROS #SmashBros #WiiU

  2. sticks head out from wallbrawl's soundtrack was quantity before qualitygoes back behind wall

  3. I'm tired of feeling, and being, useless.

  4. RT @fanfiction_txt: "Garfield it is too late." Said Taylor Swift with sadness."Yes it is true Garfield, Kanye West already injected us wi…


  6. RT @TannerLPer: MiiVerse: "Rayman DLC is stupid. Should have been Shadow the Hedgehog. He has guns."mfw

  7. RT @BabyBloodheart: Positive attitude doesn't magic away disability, these sort of messages harm disabled. #stopableism2015 #disability htt…

  8. RT @NTom64: What if...Smash 4 DLC Pack 1MewtwoChorus KidsRayman[New Stage][New Stage][Tourney mode]

  9. Wait what happened to Volt?

  10. I still can't get over that I lost 3 would be friends today.

  11. RT @JetGrindFuture: also, go hug a friend or somethingbrighten someone's day, lord knows we all need it these days

  12. God I am so fucking worthless. I love keep getting people to hate me. Why do so many people hate me?

  13. RT @MercuryCrusader: A thread about Hatred? Well let's see what folks have to say abo-DAMN

  14. and we keep drivinginto the nightit's a late goodbyeit's a late goodbye

  15. RT @Quiet_JESS: No one would ever hate you forever for simply slipping up. It happens. Just be sure to take responsibility when it does.

  16. i should probably do this gamemaker tutorial shouldn't imeh ill do it later *a year passes*

  17. god I love being a complete and total failure who hyperventilates at the smallest of tasks

  18. Dysphoria is just an indescribably awful experience, you really can't understand it without having it yourself

  19. I love crying on my damn birthday because I'm continually being called "son" and "man".

  20. Sorry, just been feeling kinda down today, just need some good vibes right now.