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  1. I wonder if some people who say they don't have a problem with me are just lying to get me to shut up.

  2. I mean how are we supposed to take all this shit seriously when you have several characters with *super powers*

  3. you've just beenraprolled

  4. god why is double dragon neon so good

  5. or everyone on this twitter for that matter

  6. gah jesus christ was snatcher always this graphic

  7. I'm probably the bad guy in the end.

  8. Woops I love being a failure

  9. "Don't take too much to, get me excited" -Diddy KongSeriously what is with this show and weird possibly unintentional innuendos

  10. RT @octodadgame: You should vote for Octodad in the SXSW Most Valuable Character category! We're up against some tough competition.http://…

  11. A preemptive rip mesee ya in a bit

  12. So what's the point of attempting to make a game if there's always gonna be something better?

  13. RT @J_Linebeck: I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Let's Race Sonic ASRT Race 14: Dragon Canyon

  14. Trying to figure out how to have platforming and sidescrolling combat work in a game seamlessly without being fucking shovel knight

  15. Did I follow somebody on accident or something???

  16. (I still can't believe that's an actual thing in an actual Mario game)

  17. Shovel Knight simultaneously inspires me to make games but also makes me want to shoot myself that I'll never make a game as good

  18. Looking through Nintendo Power, November 1994, and I think somebody could see the future

  19. RT @Baronesa1980: RT @gamasutra: For the Sake of the Industry: No More TotalBiscuit

  20. RT @glassbottommeg: Exclusive leak of the #netflix #zelda series, which is apparently already filming. Looking good, @netflix!…