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  1. Thanks a ton for this! I hope all the issues of Mega Play get upped eventually - I remember being so happy when I saw a new Mega Play on the magazine shelves of my local store
  2. Great quality, great mag! Fond memories of buying and devouring this issue! Here's hoping some more issues of Mega Play get scanned...
  3. I remember getting so excited back in the day when I saw there was a new issue of Mega Play at the corner drugstore... heck, I was excited when I saw this new upload,too! Thanks a lot for your work!
  4. I read these on a 12.2 inch tablet, and these look nice and clear; Also, I like that these files are smaller, so keep up the great work!
  5. Great quality scan - I remember buying this issue at toysrus!
  6. I can't log on to OGM either - when I click the login icon the last few days, I get 'This Page Isn't Redirecting Properly'.
  7. Great work, and I'm looking forward to those Play magazine scans!