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  1. i can feel the vicodin kicking in

  2. RT @Seannelly: Well that's it for me tonight folks I'm gonna jack off to huge tits then cry and punch myself in the dick to sleep. Cheers

  3. hulu plus is better than netflix because you can watch criterion collection films

  4. i played xenogears and didnt like it

  5. fake number girls piss me off. there like, 'oh i love numbers', but when tou ask them what there favorite number is there like 'uhh 2??????'

  6. RT @IrateGamerNEO: attention twitter babes im single looking for a lady who tweets as weird as i do

  7. RT @metafiction: i am waiting for confirmation...

  8. lana del rey and alton brown faked depression to make $$$

  9. happy pi day. (only nerd's will understand this!!!!!!)

  10. "updog lunch time wasp eggs taneeveryone on weird twitter's a little insane"- line from the weird twitter rap

  11. like maybe just a bit on how no one watches his films seriously

  12. cities skylines looks fun but im not going to pay $30 for it

  13. RT @maid387: i love lasagna *gets hit with pie* noo its monday

  14. new sufjan stevens, gy!be, kanye west, sun kil moon, and kendrick lamar, 2015 is gonna be a good year for music

  15. trent died today trying to puut on a pair of skinny jeans. my condolences to his family

  16. when bae makes u choco chip pancakes

  17. RT @FUNNYMAN500000: #SongsThatTouchMyHeartEveryTime the songs of the new sontuk 2album available only at TARGET(: rt and FAV if you agree!

  18. conservatives are so retarded they think hipsters and liberals are a threat to their laughable sense of masculinity

  19. shout out to my sisters bf for saying he would play re5 with me today but doesn't want to now

  20. ill ask about electroconvulsive therapy maybe