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  1. I figured out which game was that elemental god/goddess strategy game. It was Wrath Unleashed for PS2, so the preview might have been in a PlayStation-focused magazine or a general games one.
  2. I used to have the official Pokemon Red and Blue guide, as well as Donkey Kong Country 1 and 3. No idea where they are now
  3. Does anyone know which gaming mag had a multiple page walkthrough for ToeJam and Earl: Panic on Funkotron? All I remember is "One door leads to death" in a bonus area as well as an enemy profile.
  4. I got that Expert Gamer magazine and while it had an X5 walkthrough and boss guide, it didn't have the ending. I wonder which mag it was... (It did have the Phantasy Star and Skies of Arcadia complete walkthroughs though!)
  5. Oh, wow! Thank you! (That expert gamer ish has X5--I wonder if it had the ending? "With his last burst of energy, Zero destroys Sigma." XD) I'll keep looking for that Lunar 2 boss guide too! "Smash Zophar in just 4 turns!" EDIT: I might have found the Lunar 2 guide too, as well as Chrono Cross and Grandia 2! I also remember multi=-page walkthroughs/previews for Spike McFang, Aero the Acro-bat, Whomp 'Em, and I think Tomba. These were PROBABLY split across issues/series. XD I also remember a Tiny Toons walkthrough, and the Death and Return of Superman walkthrough, and the first Wario Land. These were all Gameboy games, but no idea what magazine it was.
  6. I'm also looking for an article about some sort of game where you had elemental god/goddesses that grew stronger and more detailed over time, i think it was a strategy game. I don't know if the game ever actually came out, and I can't remember any more information, so I'll likely never find that one.
  7. In my quest for reading video game magazines I have five main goals: 1. Figure out which issue of Game Players had the letter where someone wrote in about a hypothetical Mega Woman game, including a boss list. "The enemies would be different, and a lot harder." 2. Figure out which magazine spoiled the entire ending to Mega Man X5 along with a boss guide, and may or may not have had a Lunar 2 Eternal Blue boss walkthrough in the same issue. (I THINK it was Game Informer's Roleplayers' Realm section but I am not sure.) "Smash Zophar in just four turns!" "With his last burst of energy, Zero destroys Sigma." 3. Find out which magazine had a Phantasy Star Online guide for the Dreamcast, I believe. "If you'd still like to mix it up hand-to-hand now and then, choose FOMarl." 4. Find out which magazine had a walkthrough for Sonic Spinball, including detailed maps. 5. Find out which issue of Beckett Pokemon Collector had Jingaroo comics. What half-buried stuff in the recesses of your brains are YOU guys looking for?
  8. I remember those! It's kinda scary how unsafe they'd be nowadays.
  9. Wow, thanks! It looks like they got the magazine title from Quest 64!